Service Dog ID Cards

An identification card refers to a palm-sized document that provides basic information about the cardholder. It is used to help in recognition purposes and is used all around the world. Every individual in a country is entitled to a national identification card which is provided by the state whereas, workplaces, businesses, and companies also issue employees identification cards. Due to their simplicity and helpfulness, these cards are a necessity everywhere.

Service dog ID cards are helpful…

Service dogs are used for helping the disabled or elderly cope with everyday life. These dogs are also used for security purposes and by law enforcement agencies to cater to crime. These service dogs are provided identification cards by various agencies to help people in recognising that these dogs are trained for providing services.

Who is authorized to issue the cards…

Government-approved organizations are assigned tasks to provide services to dogs and other animals so that they can be helpful to disable and elderly people. These dogs work as eyes and navigate paths for them. Dogs are loyal animals and are very fond of their handlers. They are very helpful for people with hearing and sight disabilities. In case of hearing impairment, dogs are aware of handlers of high-pitched sounds and help them.

Design & format of the card…

The design and format of identification cards of service dogs are similar to the ID cards of individuals. Contents may vary depending on the services provided. Some of the major contents of the following identification cards are given below,

  • Pedigree of dog
  • Assigned number.
  • Picture of dog
  • Handler’s name
  • Contact information.
  • Address details
  • Name of organization
  • Logo
  • Contact

Many organizations have been working to assign identification cards for service dogs. These organizations are approved by the government and provide special services to these dogs.

Designs of identification cards are simple because they have to serve the purpose of providing basic information about a dog and its handler. Some of the key points of service dog identification card are given below,

  • The light color background is used because it provides a contrast for adding text.
  • Appropriate font style and size are selected to help everyone read the contents of the card.
  • The address and contact of the handler are given in bold letters.
  • The use of vibrant colors is avoided to promote simple cards.

Simple designs are preferred…

Identification cards are simple to design because they do not require any special skill. These cards can be designed by anyone with a bit of creative skill. Moreover, the internet provides multiple opportunities to choose a desired template for the design. Hundreds of designs with a variety of themes are available on the internet which is all free of cost. These templates can be downloaded and edited to fill in the required information.

The importance of service dog identification cards can be evaluated from the following points,

  • Identification cards help people to know that certain dogs are trained to provide service thus, they can be differentiated from others.
  • In case of an emergency, handlers can be contacted immediately to inform about the whereabouts of the dog.
  • If necessary, handlers can be called to provide assistance.
  • Contact information about organizations helps people to call them and seek assistance.


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