Resignation Letters for Toxic Work Environment


I am penning this letter to resign from the assistant manager position. This was very tough for me to take this decision but I was left with no other option. I took this step due to a hostile work environment that is draining my energy and affecting my mental health.

All my colleagues in the workplace think that I have got a promotion due to my good relations with the CEO. I know that I have earned this position due to my hard work and passion for work. Getting a lot of criticism from fellow workers has affected my abilities badly. I cannot continue working in this toxic environment and therefore I am resigning from my post.

Before leaving, I will suggest you stop this negativity, otherwise, this toxicity will badly impact the company’s progress. I hope you will consider my request.


This letter is to bring to your notice that I have made a decision of leaving my current position in your office on account of toxicity. I have been offered the same position in another organization and for my mental peace, I will move there. This was very hard to take this decision but the prevailing negativity in the workplace has badly affected my work performance.

I have been your employee for two years and I will thank you for trusting my abilities and providing me with different work opportunities. I am full of positivity and it does not suit my nature to work in a toxic environment.

I tried my best to control the situation and focus on my work but it ended up in more toxicity. During this time, I got a job offer from another institute. Although they do not have enough work opportunities I will be mentally relaxed there, that matters the most. I hope you will understand my situation and will cooperate.


I am penning this letter to get your attention on a very important matter that needs to be resolved on an immediate basis. Five years ago, I joined your organization and it enhanced my professionalism and stamina. A few months ago, I was promoted to the position of area manager. Instead of getting appreciation from my colleagues, they have started showing their true colors.

They have hostility towards me that is making it very difficult to continue with you in the long term. I am unable to concentrate on my work and my productivity is decreasing gradually. I know you will take it as an abrupt decision but I have made it after thorough consideration. I am thankful to you for the valuable things you instilled in me. Thanking in anticipation.


This letter serves to bring to your notice the recent changes that I am observing these days in the workplace. I was nominated in the best employee category and got an award from the CEO of ABC Institute. I started noticing the changed behavior of my colleagues after this.

This thing is getting increased day by day and becoming severe. It has affected badly on my productivity and has alleviated my mental and physical health. I feel burdensome whenever I do any work and my mind dwindles in useless activities. I never faced such a situation in my life and now this is getting unbearable.

Keeping in view all these circumstances I am exempting from my position. It was indeed a tough decision I made but I kept my mental health as top priority. No doubt I have learned a lot from your institution and I will always remain indebted to you for this.


I hope you have been doing great. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have become the subject of hatred by my coworkers. They have made the office environment toxic for me and blamed me for the things I have not done. I have been brought up in a good environment and I cannot bear negativity. It is not appropriate for me to continue my job with you.

You might get offended with my decision but please try to understand my situation. I cannot waste my time at a place where there will be no mental and professional growth. Kindly forgive me for causing you sudden disruption. I request you to please accept this message.

Resignation letter for toxic work environment