Thank You Letter to Boss for Employment Verification

Sample #1

I am writing this letter to pay my gratitude to you for the chance to be a part of your valuable team. It seems as if a dream has come true. I give credit to you for choosing a true talent. It was a proud moment when you appreciated my talent amongst the company’s board members. I assure you that I will work with zeal and zest to accomplish each task on time. Bundle of thanks to you for accepting my proposal. I am looking forward to going on long terms with you. 

Sample #2

Respected Sir, I am thankful to you for allowing me to work in your prestigious organization. It was my dream to be a part of your institute and you have realized my biggest dream. I cannot describe my happiness level after receiving your confirmation email. I assure you that I will work effortlessly to make the organization proud and take it to new heights of success. I have submitted all the related documents required for joining. I promise to be available all the time during highs and lows. I once again thank you for making me a part of your organization. Thank you. 

Sample #3

I am Joseph Kin. This letter is an appreciation note for confirming my employment in your organization. I feel lucky to get selected among 500 candidates. I will be able to grow professionally by learning a lot from you. Thank you for providing me with a residence and vehicle. I attended the orientation, and it was so informative. I feel privileged that my first step in the professional field will be taken under your kind supervision. I am hopeful that my work proficiency will improve after learning from you. I am looking forward to going far in this new journey of life. Thank you for accepting me.

Sample #4

Dear Sir, please accept this message as a token of appreciation for selecting me for your company. It feels as if my dream has come true. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a chance to prove my worth. My resume was liked by all the committee members, and it was a proud moment when you called me for an interview. I am very eager to assume my new role as media director. I will be a dedicated and resilient employee and will carry out my tasks perfectly. I thank you once again for this favor. I am looking forward to being on an exceptional journey with you.

Sample #5

This letter serves as thank you note for offering me a job at your organization. I am delighted to assume my new role and carry out my responsibilities. I am very excited to join your organization. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about your institute, and it would be an ecstatic experience for me to start my career with you. Thanks a lot for considering me capable for this position. Your organization provides a lot of career opportunities to its workers. I assure you that I will execute my tasks deliberately and will make you proud.

Sample #6

I am penning this letter to extend my gratitude to you for allocating me as a data analyst in your company. I will make all possible efforts to show you my expertise and diligence with satisfying work performance. I will help the company build a strong connection with customers. I have previously worked in a private firm, and I will utilize my abilities in the best possible way. I will assist in expanding the organization and taking it to a new level. For further information, you can contact me through email, and I will respond to all your queries. Thanking in anticipation.

Sample #7

I am grateful to you for giving me the position of Laboratory Assistant in your institute. The interview session was worth remembering as you asked to-the-point questions. It is an honor for me to join your institute. I cannot wait for the day when I will deliver my knowledge to students and make them a great asset to the country. I promise that I will never disappoint you and make all the contributions to the organization’s success.

Thank you letter to boss for employment confirmation