Letter Requesting Land for Farming

If you are a farmer by profession or you are associated with the agriculture sector, you will need land for farming. Unfortunately, not everyone has possession of farming land. If you are also one of them, you will have to write a letter of request to ask for the allocation of land that you can use for farming purposes. It is important to make sure that you cannot use the acquired land for any other purpose.

How do you write a letter to request land for farming?

The application for farming land is written to the concerned authorities. When you write this letter, you consider the following points:

Introduce yourself:

As soon as you start the letter, let the reader know that you are planning to get possession of the agricultural land because your background is in the agriculture sector and you are interested in it. Try to ensure that your introduction is useful for the reader and this is the part after reading which, the reader should be able to understand if your request makes sense or not.

Ask for the land:

After giving you an introduction, formally ask the reader for the allocation of the farmland. If you have something beneficial to offer to the reader, mention it in the letter.

Show gratitude:

Tell the reader that you are thankful to him for considering your request in advance. In the end, mention that you are waiting for his response.

Sample letter 1:




Subject: Request for the acquisition of farmland at [XYZ]

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to humbly request your land for farming because I want to grow organic produce on the farmland. I am Mr. ABC, owner of one of the most well-known agricultural firms in the country. I have been running this firm for more than 10 years in the agriculture sector with my knowledge and deep insight into farming.

I have a qualified and trained team of professionals with a strong ability to handle farm-related tasks. My firm has experience in growing vegetables and fruits of various kinds as it is aware of the needs of every item they want to grow. Due to this team, I have decided to expand the knowledge and talent that we have and grow more agricultural products that will be very useful for the local community.

As you know, our country is going through an economic crisis, and increasing the agricultural produce will not only fulfill the needs of the locals but also enable the country to export them and generate revenue.

Therefore, I would like to request you to please allocate the land to my company and the local community of my village for a specific time period that you find feasible. We would appreciate it if you convene a meeting with us to discuss the matter in detail. I hope that you will like my idea. Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Letter Requesting Land for Farming

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Sample letter 2:




Subject: acquisition of farmland at [X]

Respected sir,

This letter is being written in response to the advertisement for the land that you claim, is available to be rented for farming purposes. I am interested in growing agricultural items on your land.

I and a few professionals have a professional degrees in agriculture and farming. We have also worked for nearly 6 years in the same sector. Currently, we are working on our private land. However, we have decided to expand our knowledge and expertise so that we can grow more food for the community. Through this letter, I would like to request you to please allow us to use your land for farming purposes.

Please allocate us 1.5 hectares of your land where we can do farming.  We would be so happy to have a meeting with you in order to discuss everything with you in detail. Please visit the profile of our company to know more about it. We look forward to your response. Thank you so much for considering our request.


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Letter Requesting Land for Farming

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