Late Coming Policy Announcement Memo

The policy of employee attendance helps the company manage absenteeism. It also provides the company with a proper insight into the ways to improve the attendance of employees. This policy is also called the attendance management policy.

Timely and regular attendance is the biggest expectation of every employer. Many employees implement different productivity standards throughout the organization to ensure that positive staffing and employee morale-related expectations are being met.

They also ensure that policy based on absenteeism has been described well and now the employee can be held responsible for adhering to the workplace timings.

When the tardiness of employees becomes unbearable, the companies must change the policy. It is important for the employer to announce that policy before implementing it.

Tips to write a policy announcement letter:

The tips for writing an announcement letter are:

The announcement letter should outline the Expectations of the employer about the employees coming to the office. The performance of employees also becomes efficient when s/he comes to the office being punctual which is why every company makes a policy on the attendance of employees.

This policy is usually implemented on the entire company and all the staff members are strictly bound to adhere to this policy.

Sample Memos


Dear employees, you all know that hard work is the key to success. A coherent and streamlined employee is very concerned with following the company’s discipline. To gain achievement in any field punctuality and professionalism keep vital importance. I have been informed that some of the employees are not punctual and they come to the office later than the actual timings. This behavior is unprofessional and counted as disrespect.

I got very shocked to know that late coming employees are increasing in number on a daily basis. The need of the hour is to take some steps in eradicating it and the company has designed a memo for it. From [mention date] there will be a digital system for attendance and any employee who comes 30 minutes late will be considered as absent. It is mandatory for every worker to follow it and violation of this policy will bear severe repercussions.


We have come up with a newly designed policy for lat coming employees as this practice is fastening its roots firmly. This has been brought to my notice that many workers are coming to the office late daily.

On asking they provide baseless reasons and do not take gentle reminders seriously. All this has disturbed me as we had not devised a strict policy for latecomers.

The administration has now come up with an authoritarian decision in this regard. If an employee continues to come late for three consecutive days then it will be counted as one absent. You will be allowed three leaves in a month and leave without prior notice will result in a salary deduction. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against such employees who will not comply with the company’s rules.


This memo is to bring to your notice an important announcement regarding late coming employees. You must inform your department’s supervisor in case you are coming late. Your reporting time will be kept in the official record. In case someone violates the set rule then he will be dealt with strictly.

For an emergency, you need to let you know your manager must so may we facilitate you. I hope you will adjust yourself to the new policies.


Kindly be notified that your office timings have been changed to 8:30 am and this will be effective from [mention date]. I have gone through your attendance records and found that many employees report late than the actual timings. To facilitate you all we have come up with new timings and I hope this will suit you all.

No changes will be made in it and this is a final decision of management. Please follow the schedule and report office on time.


I am writing this memo to let you know that management has brought some changes in your current office timings. According to this schedule, you need to reach the office at 9 am and late coming employees will not be facilitated at all. I hope you will adhere to the new schedule. In case you have any queries, then please drop an email in response to this memo.


Being punctual and disciplined are the key attributes of an efficient employee. The success of a company is based on these two factors. Recently, it has been observed that the employees are not following the timings. The number of latecomers has increased suddenly.

It has become very important for the company to take some necessary actions. It has been decided by the management of the company that if an employee comes late for more than 5 minutes, he will be considered a latecomer.

Three continuous late comings should be considered as one day absent from work and a salary of one day will also be deducted from the employee’s pay.

The management always accepts a genuine reason for coming late but will never allow any employee to take it for granted.

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