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The policy of employee’s attendance helps the company manage the absenteeism. It also provides the company with a proper insight on the ways to improve the attendance of employees. This policy is also called attendance management policy.

Timely and regular attendance is the biggest expectation of every employer. Many employees implement different productivity standards throughout the organization to ensure that positive staffing and employee morale related expectations are being met.

They also ensure that policy based on absenteeism has been described well and now the employee can be held responsible for adhering to the workplace timings.

When the tardiness for employee becomes unbearable, the companies must change the policy. It is important for the employer to announce that policy before implementing it.

Tips to write a policy announcement letter:

The tips for writing announcement letter are:

The announcement letter should outline the Expectations of the employer about the employees coming to office. The performance of employee also becomes efficient when s/he comes to office with a punctuality which is why every company makes a policy on attendance of employees.

This policy is usually implemented on the entire company and all the staff members are strictly bound to adhere to this policy.

Sample letter

Being punctual and disciplined are the key attributes of an efficient employee. The success of a company is based on these two factors. Recently, it has been observed that the employees are not following the timings. The number of latecomers has increased suddenly.

It has become very important for the company to take some necessary actions. It has been decided by the management of the company that if an employee comes late for more than 5 minutes, he will be considered a latecomer.

Three continuous late coming should be considered as one day absent from work and salary of one day will also be deducted from the employee’ pay.

The management always accepts a genuine reason for coming late but will never allow any employee to take it for granted.

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