Absence Excuse Letters to School

There are many reasons when a student has to stay absent from time to time. Illness and some other personal reasons can be the cause of student’s absence from school. Generally, a student is asked to provide an explanation letter explaining the reason for his absence from school.

Some students write the explanation letter before the absence while some are asked to write after that.

Usually, the absence excuse letters are written by those students who stay absent from school for an extended period of time. Many schools allow one day absentee from the school each month.

But, if the student remains absent for more than one or two days, he is required to write the excuse letter to the principal or teacher of the school.

Tips for writing absence excuse letter for school:

  1. Absence excuse letters are written in a formal format. Since you are representing this letter to your respected teacher, it is important to know the correct format to write this letter.
  2. It is advisable to send the excuse letter to school before missing the school. Writing the letter as early as possible is recommended if you need the leave for more than two days.
  3. Keep the excuse letter brief and to the point. For example, if you are sick, you don’t need to tell the teacher about the symptoms of your illness or reasons to fall sick. Instead, tell the teacher briefly about your illness.
  4. If you are writing the excuse letter for your child, give your contact details at the end of the letter so that the teacher will contact you to tell the work your child will miss due to the absence.
  5. End the letter on a positive note. This will develop a good relationship between you and the teacher.

The excuse letters are very simple to write. Add student’s name, school’s name, the address of student and a proper salutation in the letter before starting the body of the letter. You can also get the absence excuse letter for school template for free from his website.

Absence Excuse Letter to School for Illness

Miss Maggie,

Absence excuse letter to school for illnessHope you are doing great.

I am writing this letter to inform you regarding my daughter’s absence from school. She has been a very punctual and a regular student. But since last few days, I noticed she felt down. So, we decided to take her to the doctor. Upon her examination, the doctor suggested that she has been under pressure of the exams due to which she is feeling very dull and low. She has been complaining of headaches and blackouts.

You know how kids can react to stress in this age. Therefore, we decided her to take the rest of the day(s) off and recover from any stress. But I can assure you that she has been feeling better than before and will be rejoining from tomorrow. She has been catching up on any missed lectures and assignments. I hope she will not give you any reasons for disappointment. Download

With thanks

Mrs. Shaggy

Absence Excuse Letter to school for vacation

Dear Miss Alysha,

Absence excuse letter to school for vacationHope this letter finds you in the best of your health.

As you know summers are approaching and it is one of the favorite seasons for quite a lot of people especially kids. We had promised our kids to take them for a small educational trip to Scotland. As we all know Scotland has a lot of places which will help the children to understand the art, architecture, and culture of the country. Learning history is very important for kids.

We are traveling for two weeks. Therefore, my son will not be able to attend school during this time. I can assure you that he will be catching up with the homework as well as any missed lectures. I hope this trip will help him to educate and understand different nationalities. I would be very grateful if you could allow us this time off from school. Download

With thanks


Absence Excuse Letter to school for family matters

Dear Miss Kate,

Absence excuse letter for family matterHope you are doing great.

It was wonderful to meet you at the children’s meeting. You seem to be a very kind and a compassionate person. I am so glad to know that my daughter has a teacher like you. I am writing this letter to you to explain a situation which I am sure you will understand.

I and my husband are running a very critical time in our relationship. Due to this, the environment at home has become much stressed. I have observed that the kids are not doing well in terms of their studies. They are feeling a lot of pressure to juggle between the house and school.

Therefore, I would like to apply a leave for the kids for a week. As things get normal, I will make sure that they return to school in time with all the energy and positivity. Your understanding will be much appreciated in this matter. Download

With thanks


Absence Excuse Letter to school for family emergency

Dear Mr. John,

Absence excuse letter to school for family emergencyHope you are doing great.

Thanks for being such an amazing teacher. My son has a very special attachment to you. Not only I have seen his grades improve but I have also seen him become a better person being in your company. I am writing this letter due to the absence of my son during the last week. He loves coming to school and skipping school makes him really dull and upset. But it was the need of the hour to stay at home.

Sam’s father is sick these days. And he had to get admitted to the hospital. As it was an emergency which was not forecasted at all, Sam got worried and stressed. It was getting hard for me to manage my sick husband and Sam’s school at the same time. So, following my advice, Sam had to skip school for a couple of days. He is catching up with all the pending homework and will be on top of things soon. Download

With thanks