House Construction Project Completion Report Letter

When a project is initiated, a team of professionals is allocated to work on it and ensure its successful completion. Once the project is complete, the stakeholders ask for the completion of the report that lets them know about various aspects of the project that they would not have known otherwise. A report is a long document consisting of many pages. Some people want to read the report briefly and therefore, they ask to send them a report letter which includes the main points of the report.

What is a house construction completion report letter?

A house construction report letter is a formal document that documents the entire process of the construction of the house. It is usually prepared at the end of the construction of the project because it is the right time to see and explain how the construction has been carried out and what resources have been utilized. 

Who writes the construction report letter?

Individuals who take up the responsibility to complete the construction project as per the needs of the client have to write the report at the completion because they are held accountable for the completion and they are the people who know each and every aspect of the project. When they write a report letter, they know what to share with the client in the letter. 

It is important to note that some contractors and project managers who have to write this report also draft it as a formal notification which is usually sent to clients and customers to let them know that the project managers and their team have completed the entire project as per their needs and agreed-upon instructions. This letter also mentally prepares the client for making the payment and clearing all the dues. 

How important is it to write a completion report letter?

When a contractor or a manager writes a report letter, they actually let the client know everything about the construction work briefly. This way, the client can know how many resources have been utilized in finishing the project. With this, they can guess how much they will have to pay to the project team. 

If the client has already paid the contractor to buy resources for completing the project, they can see if the funds were utilized honestly or if there is any discrepancy. The completed project tells everything and therefore, a report is generated and written in the form of a letter to show the work that has been done.  

What information does the construction completion report letter include?

This report letter includes the details that a client needs to know at the end of the construction project. The main details are:

Important dates that relate to the completion:

This letter should include the dates on which the project was started and ended. With this information, the reader will be able to know how much time has been taken to complete the construction of the house and whether it is in time or not. So, this letter also records the performance of the project team and documents whether the team works on time or not. 

Changes in the work:

Usually, a client knows what he has conveyed as a house to look like after the completion of the construction and what the specifications should be. However, some changes are brought to the project as it progresses. The contractor should mention those changes so that the clients can see how well the contractor has understood and valued the review given by them. 

Details of the additional work:

Performing additional work on a project is very common which is usually done as per the needs of the clients. Sometimes the project team does the extra work due to its own mistakes. The work instructed by the client should be mentioned in this letter in detail. 

Total cost:

The completion means that the closing of the project is about to happen. So, it is the right time to talk about the total cost also. The contractor should ensure that the total cost and the work done to complete the entire structure of the house should be in line with each other so that there remains no confusion or dispute between the two parties. 

Sample Letter



(Name of recipient)

Subject: House construction completion report

Dear (Name of recipient),

I am (state your name), the contractor of your house project, and would like to inform you that the construction of your house project has been completed successfully. The essentialities listed in the contract such as sewage, water supply, and electrical plus gas connection have been provided. The execution of the construction has been in accordance with the agreement which was signed at the start of the contract.

I am seeking your consent so that I can know whether the project has been completed properly. I look forward to your response.


House construction project completion report letter
House Construction Completion Report Letter

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