Last Notice to Pay School Fee

School fee is paid by the parents of the child annually, monthly, or every term. To make people pay the fee regularly, schools assign a deadline to the fee payment. Those who don’t pay the fee by that deadline receive notice from schools that remind parents of the due fee and also of the repercussions for not paying the fee in time. 

What is the last notice to pay the school fee?

After the series of notifications, the school sends the final notice to the guardians of the children to let them know that they will not receive any other notice and the school will directly take action against those who have not paid the fee. The purpose of this notice is to compel the parents or guardians to pay the late fee. 

The notification for fee payment is a serious document that every school issues to those parents who have not addressed any problem they face while paying the fee. Some parents apply for scholarships or concessions in the fee because of financial setbacks. This notification is not sent to such parents if the school had approved their request for concession. 

When to write the last notice to pay the school fee?

Every school has its policy as to when it should write the last notice. Some schools wait for 3 months until they send the final notice while some schools give 30 days before they take the extreme step to write this notice. Since this is a final notification, parents also know that they will not receive any other notice after that because the school will take direct action. The school sends the written notice to the doorstep of the guardians or sends them a text message. 

How to write the last notice to pay the school fee?

It is important to know how to write the notice because it helps the school collect the fee from those parents who are reluctant to pay the fee because of any reason. Here are some best tips to draft a notice:

Add the title of the notice:

Some people don’t even read the notice because they don’t pay attention to the notices they receive quite often. When the title shows that it is the last notification, people get attentive towards it and read it carefully. The school’s name and logo should also be mentioned with the title so that the parents can guess that the notice has come from the school’s official authority.

Give the details of the late fee:

Since the notice is about the late fee payment, it should remind the parents of the fee of how many months is due. Also give the details of the child including the name, grade name, and total fee including the fine imposed on it due to non-payment. 

Give the deadline to pay the fee:

The final notice also includes a last deadline for parents to pay the fee if they want to avoid the suspension of their child from school. The notice also includes the account details of the school and all other ways by which the parents can choose to clear the pending dues. 

Discuss the consequences:

The parents or guardians should know what can be the outcome of ignoring this final notice too as they have already ignored many notices but nothing happened. The school should use a serious tone so that the parents can also feel the seriousness and they take serious steps to pay the due payment. 

Usually, the outcomes include the suspension of the student from the school until the fee is paid or revocation of access to the student’s result. 

Signatures of the school principal:

At the end, there should be the signature and stamp of the school principal which shows that the notice is from the office of the school and the final notice will be regarded as something serious. The last notification should also include the contact details of the school so that parents can reach the school if they want to discuss the fee payment because some parents want to pay the fee in installments. 

Sample Notice


(Name of recipient)


Dear (name of recipient),

I (state your name) am writing to you from (name of school). Your children (name of children) are studying in our school in classes (name of classes). You have not paid the school fees for (state which month’s school fee has not been paid). This is the first time you have done this and we have waited for some time but now we cannot delay this any longer.

Can you please submit the fee by (till date)?

Yours sincerely,

(Name of sender)

Last notice to pay school fee