House Construction Completion Report Letter

Completion of construction work, whether commercial property or residential building is a big milestone. People feel accomplished when they complete a project of construction and feel happy to report to their clients about it. When the construction of the house is underway, people anxiously wait for its completion. Therefore, clients ask the contractors to write them a completion report when they finish working.

The report based on the construction work written in the format of a letter is known as a completion report letter. The contractor is obligated to write this reported letter to inform the clients through the contract of construction work.

When a project of building a residential building is finished successfully, the contractor inspects the entire building to see whether the finish of the building is of the expected quality or not. The contractor also reports to who is responsible for the defects in the building and who will be responsible for the rectification of the problem.

The best way to submit a professional report is to use the readymade template for the letter.

When to write?

The contractor can write this letter to the key stakeholders and authorities when the contract he has signed with them binds him to do so. In some cases, the client requests the contractor to write a report letter and provide complete information regarding the construction work that has been done.

It is important to note that there is a specific warranty period specified by the contractor in which he will entertain the requests to do some modifications after submitting the report. Once that period is over, the contractor can choose not to entertain any requests.

How to write a report letter upon the building of a house?

Inform about the completion:

Although it is a report letter, it sometimes also requires the contractor to inform the client that the work that the contractor was tasked with has been completed. While informing the recipient, it is important to specify the dates on which the project was completed. This is usually done to let the client know that contractor and his team has met the deadlines.

Refer to the contact details:

The construction of the house is usually initiated after signing an agreement between the contractor and the client. The contractor must refer to that contract in the letter while discussing the completion of work. The contractor should also tell the purpose of that agreement and the conditions that he and his team was supposed to meet.

Details of the house:

The report letter should provide details of the house construction which has been successfully finished. The contractor should include the following details:

  1. Type of construction
  2. Date of starting the project
  3. Dimensions of the building
  4. Footings details

Discussion of the construction project:

Every construction project has some distinctive details that need to be discussed in this reported letter. Here is the name of the contractor who was responsible to complete the work, the details of the work that needed to be done, the timeline of the entire project, and lots of other details are added.

The contractor here also mentions the terms and conditions of the contract and then tells that he has met all those conditions successfully.

The contractor should also discuss the following points:

  1. Certificate issued by the construction company to the contractor upon the completion of the house construction
  2. Survey certificate to ensure that the survey and inspection have been done thoroughly before the constructions were declared complete
  3. Engineering certificate stating that the engineering work is up to the mark and potential residents can rely on it
  4. Guarantees regarding waterproofing
  5. Warranties of the fixing work done in the house

Closing the report letter:

When you are about to close the letter, provide your contact details so that the client can contact you if he has any queries. You should also provide the period duration in which you will entertain the requests of the clients to bring changes to anything in the house.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir,

I [name] [designation] have completed the house construction report for [address]. The construction of this house started on [date]. It was supposed to be completed by [date] but due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID and the resulting lockdown situation, the construction took a total of [number] months. The inspection was carried out on [date]. The weather was dry, cold, and cloudy. Both the interior and exterior areas of the house were inspected before writing this report.

It’s a two-story building with five rooms in total covering an area of [number] square feet. The house is made with bricks and mortar. Wooden flooring is done in the formal living area and dining area. The rest of the house has marble flooring. The marble used is of reasonably good quality and is agreeing with the plans given to the builder.

However, the glass used in windows and doors is of inferior quality and not very long-lasting. The quality of the kitchen and sanitary fittings is above average and agrees with the plans given to the builders. The plumbing and electrical wiring are satisfactory. The paint in the garage area needs another coat and might suffer from seepage in the future considering the proximity of the sewage pipes.

Since the reason for this inspection is to help a future buyer in identifying the strengths and problem areas of this house and give an honest review regarding the condition of the property at the time it was inspected, I am attaching pictures of all the areas that need the attention of the builder and were found to be incomplete or have defected work.

The area in the basement could not be inspected properly due to a lack of proper lighting arrangements and cloudy weather outside on the day of inspection.

Overall, I found the house to be in a good shape, and besides the areas pointed out the rest of the house is in good condition.

Yours sincerely,

House Construction Completion Report Letter

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