Last Notice to Pay School Fee

Every school issues a fee challan form every month that is an indication from the school that the fee mentioned in the fee is required to be paid by the parents. The school also gives a deadline to parents by which, the fee should be paid. When that date passes and parents don’t pay the fee, the school can send a notice to parents to pay the fee.

What is the last notice to pay school feel?

The school sends the notice to the parents of the child when they don’t pay the fee. This notice serves as a formal message from school to parents in which the schools either send a warning to parents or inform them things are taking a turn for the worse and now they have to have the fee at any cost.

Why write a last notice?

When management of the school learns that parents are not paying the fee, it sends a series of notices to parents to remind them to pay the fee. When it is found that notices are not able to persuade parents, the school writes the last notice. This notice is the same as previous notices that they should respond and pay the fee if they want things to progress smoothly.

How to write?

Follow the tips given below if you are interested in writing a professional and strong last notice:

Use the letterhead of the school:

Notices are entirely authentic documents and only people with some authority can write them. Schools also write notices to parents when they don’t pay the fee for their child’s education in the school. To prove that the notice has come from authorized sources.

Add the subject:

The last notice usually has a strong impact on the reader and therefore, the subject should tell the reader that it is the last notice. The reader then pays more attention to the notice and reads it carefully.

Mention the details of the unpaid fee:

The school should describe the fee for which this last notice is being issued. The date from which the fee is pending, the total amount parents are supposed to be paying, the last date of paying the fee, and some other details can be specified in the notice.

Discuss sending prior notifications:

Since this is the last notice, it means the school has sent many notices in the past. The school should refer to all those notices to clear its position regarding sending the last notice. This will make the parents realize why the school is sending the last notice since no institute can send notices indefinitely.

Make a request:

After giving all the necessary details, the school should formally request the parents to pay the fee as soon as possible. To prompt the parents, the school can provide another deadline once again. In case the school needs to issue a new and updated fee voucher, parents should be informed about it and they should be instructed to collect the voucher from the school.

Inform about consequences of ignoring the notice:

Since this is the final notice, it is about time the school took action against all those children’s parents who don’t pay the fee. Those actions should be discussed in the letter in the form of consequences. In general, the school expels the child from the school and mentions it as a consequence of not clearing the pending dues.

Offer assistance:

Some schools understand the problems of the parents and therefore, show some flexibility. They can offer the parents to pay the fee in installments or pay the partial fee. Some schools can also choose to waive the fine on the late payment of the fee.

Provide contact details:

In the end, the parents can be asked to contact the school in case of any queries.

Use the template:

Writing a notice is a tough job especially when it is a final notice. One needs to be to the point and firm at the same time to communicate their peace of mind. Due to this, various online resources provide a readymade notice to schools. They can edit those notices and send them to their parents.

Sample Notice

Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] am writing to you from [department name] from [school name]. Your children [name 1] and [name 2] are studying in our school in classes [number] and [number]. You have not paid the school fees for the last three months despite repeated reminders.

Your kids have been with us for [number] of years and in all these years such a problem has never occurred before which is why we have waited for so long but now it is not possible for us to delay this any longer. Please submit the fee by [date] or we will be forced to rusticate your kids.

Also in case of rustication, you would lose the security deposit at the time of admission. We strongly urge you to contact the administration by [date] to discuss the payment details as we are ready to work out an installment-based fee returning plan.

Your children’s education is of utmost importance to us and we don’t want to disturb them but the school has some policies which we have to follow for the sake of stability and progress. Looking forward to your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Last Notice to Pay School Fee

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