Explanation Letter for Drinking Alcohol on Duty

An explanation letter is a professional and brief document that states the explanation of something. This letter generally explains the event or situation that occurred. Only those people are entitled to writing the explanation letter you are answerable for anything.

Drinking alcohol has a serious effect on the mind of the person and he cannot perform his duties well. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol while being on duty. Whenever any person is seen showing indiscipline at the workplace, strict actions can be taken against that person.

What is an explanation letter for drinking alcohol?

When an employee is caught drinking alcohol at the time of duty, he is taken to task by his employer. In most situations, search employees are immediately fired from their work. However, their boss asks them to write an explanation letter to clear their position as it is the basic right of a person employed in a company.

It is against the policies of the workplace to drink alcohol at work. Due to this, the concerned authorities take strict actions against those who are blatantly seen breaching these policies of the company.

What does a letter of explanation do?

An explanation letter is an opportunity for the employee to clear his position. In some cases, it also serves the purpose of an apology letter. No matter how offensive the act of the employee is, the explanation letter in some cases can help him save himself. However, the letter is required to be written in an engaging and convincing way.

Things to include in the explanation letter:

Writing an explanation letter is important because it allows the person to clear his position. it is important to remember that writing the explanation letter should not only tell the employer that where something went wrong and why it happen.

Rather, it should also include a statement of apology so that the employer can know that you are sorry for whatever you have done deliberately or unintentionally. A typical explanation letter written in the event of getting caught drinking while being in the workplace should include the following details:

Explain the incident:

Although your employer knows what has happened, he does not know your side of the story and therefore, you are recommended to come up with it. Try to give a clear picture of the entire incidence.

Don’t escape from accepting the reality and focus on yourself and your part in the entire situation. Even if your mistake was obvious and you know that you have been seen drinking by people and there is no denying that, just make your boss feel that at least you know that what you have done was wrong.

Express the regret:

The second part of the letter should include the expression of the regret that you are feeling upon committing the mistake of not taking care of the rules of the company. When you express regret, make sure that you make your boss feel that you are aware of the fact that drinking when on duty is wrong and you should have never done that.

Ensure that will not repeat the mistake:

Expressing regret has no meaning unless you are committed to not repeating the mistake. For an employer, the expression of regret is nothing and he expects you to commit that you are not going to drink alcohol at work you will never come to work drunk. Make your employer believe that you will never repeat the mistake.

Show readiness to compensate:

Any person who accepts his mistake should be ready to repair the situation. When your boss sees that you are ready to correct the mistake, it shows that you are seriously embarrassed, and this convinces him to forgive you to some extent.

Mistakes to avoid in an explanation letter:

  1. Some people try to avoid accepting their mistakes even when they are guilty of the offense. Don’t do this and take the responsibility for your actions
  2. Never give the impression that you still feel that drinking alcohol when on duty is not a big deal
  3. Never blame anyone else for your wrong actions.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. [name]

I [title] [name] am writing to you on behalf of [company]. You were hired on [date] as a security guard for the night shift. On [date] when some employees from [department name] visited the office after the office hours at [time] when you were supposed to be on duty, they couldn’t find you anywhere. They have reported that the front doors were open and they found you lying in the corridor. They were surprised by this situation.

At first, they thought that you were unwell but upon further investigation, you started misbehaving with them and they discovered that you were under the influence of alcohol.

This incident is very upsetting for us, as you were trusted with the security of the office but due to alcohol consumption, you became a liability yourself, leaving the office doors open at night while lying drowsily on the floor. This is highly irresponsible behavior and you put the security of the place at risk.

You are required to see Mr. [name] from [department name] tomorrow and give an explanation of your behavior. This kind of reckless, irresponsible, and immoral attitude would not be tolerated in this office.

Yours sincerely,

Explanation Letter for Drinking Alcohol on Duty

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