Explanation Letter for Tardiness due to Transportation

Anyone who comes to the office late is never appreciated. Habitual tardiness is very dangerous for the career of an employee. The employer can terminate the employee for regular tardiness. However, if there is a problem in your life that causes you to come late to the office, then your employer can deal with your tardiness positively.

As a professional employee, you will always have to avoid tardiness. There are some situations when it is totally impossible to avoid such as heavy traffic or any type of breakdown.

You may come to the office late even if you were intended to be on time. Apart from heavy traffic, the breakdown of your personal vehicle can also be the reason for your tardiness.

Regardless of the reason, it is always advised to apologize by writing an apology letter to your supervisor. It is important to write because it enables you to inform the supervisor about the genuine reason for tardiness.

Write the explanation letter for tardiness by bringing the reason for it to their attention. The reason should be given as an explanation. Some people write the reason for an excuse that weakens their case. Make sure that you adopt complete professionalism while writing this letter.

Why is it important to write an explanation letter?

Some companies have very strict rules for latecomers. Not writing an explanation letter may create many misunderstandings. The employer may end up deducting your salary for coming late.

Consequently, sooner or later you will have to write an apology letter along with an explanation. Due to this reason, explanation letters have a special place in professionalism.

Sample Letters


This letter is in response to your email I received yesterday about my coming late on [mention date]. I am extremely apologetic for being the source of perturbation to you. There is construction work going on on the road I use to reach the office.  Due to this dozens of cars stand in queue and it requires much time to come out of traffic. There is no alternate way that I can follow.

I remain stuck daily for an hour in the traffic and I had to inform you earlier. no matter how much I try to leave an hour early I always end up reaching the office late due to traffic. I know that my tardiness is putting a bad impression on my colleagues. I hope you will understand that I did not do it intentionally. I will make extra efforts to compensate for the work loss. I hope you will accept my apology.


Respected Sir, I came to know through my supervisor that you are vexed by my late coming and want a detailed explanation. I am writing this to let you know the actual reason for my tardiness for connective three days. I have always been a professional employee and follow the organization’s rules strictly.

I am apologetic that I put a bad impression on you and with this letter I want to clear your doubts. I got shocked to know that you took it as if I have done it intentionally. My mother was admitted to hospital and it was at the distance of two hours from the office. This was the reason for my coming late for a few days. I hope that everything would be clear to you now and you will accept my explanation letter. I am attaching my mother’s medical reports for your reference.


I am Swiss Mandel and writing this letter to explain to you my late coming to the company on [mention date]. It has agitated you a lot as there was a scheduled meeting on [mention date]. You have always been cooperative and provided us relaxation and I am beholden to you for this. I could decamp on [mention date] to reach office late as I reached subway station ten minutes late.

By the time I reached there, I was late and it took me an hour to hold for another convoy. I reached the office two hours late and till then, the meeting had ended. I was very excited to attend the meeting but we cannot apprehend what will come next. I hope you will understand my situation.


I beg for your forgiveness for not following the office schedule on [mention date]. I had to present a proposal on that day but I was forced into such a situation that I could not escape from it. You faced a lot of humiliation in front of the CEO and I had no courage to face you in person. I had to drop my daughter to school as the driver was on leave that day. Due to this, I reached the office late. I assure you that you will never get such complaints from my side.


I am very sorry for coming to the office late due to very heavy traffic. I left home very early with the intention to reach the office on time. There was an accident on my way due to which the traffic was blocked.

I am so sorry for that and I promise that it will never happen again. I will request my driver to use an appropriate alternative way. I hope you will understand my situation.


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