Excuse Email for Not Attending Interview

If you have not been able to attend an important interview and were not able to inform the company beforehand, you may want to write an apology letter for not being able to attend the interview. This letter may usually be written when one was not able to go to a job interview, but it may be written when one could not attend a school interview as well, for instance.

This is something polite to do, especially if you want to apply again to the precise place, then you do not want to leave a bad impression.

It also shows your good character. It may also aid in countering the harm inflicted by missing the interview. This depends on the situation.

Tips for writing the letter:

  1. This letter will follow the format of a formal letter.
  2. You need to state the scheduled time along with what precisely the interview was for.
  3. It is important to include a sincere apology along with why you missed the interview. Nevertheless do not go deeply into the excuse as this may seem like you are aiming to overcompensate.
  4. If you feel that it is appropriate, you may end by requesting another interview.
  5. Coming to the actual letter start off by typing the date in the top left-hand corner.
  6. After some space type your name and address.
  7. Leave some space and type “To” and after some space type in the name of the recipient. State their address as well.
  8. Leave some space and start off with “Dear …”
  9. After some space starts by offering your sincerest apologies. Give your reasons briefly and apologize for the inconvenience. You can state that you were trying to contact them via phone, but also say you know it is your fault for missing the interview.
  10. In the next paragraph, you may request another interview. Say that you regard the company as prestigious. You can explain what you have to offer and why the company should consider another interview.
  11. You can include your resume again. Also, state that you understand if they do not consider your case.
  12. End by saying you will wait for their response or that you will contact them for another interview via phone and hope they will not mind this. Apologize and thank them for taking out the time to consider your request.
  13. You can end by saying “Thank you” and then your name.

This is one way to write an apology letter for not attending an interview.

Sample Letters/Emails


It is sadly mentioned that I won’t be able to come for the interview I had with you this morning at 8:00 am. I left home on time but there was a lot of rush on the way due to some road accident. Though I tried hard to make it possible to reach there for my interview it seems impossible since the distance is a great deal now.

As soon as I realized that I cannot make it happen to be there, I instantly contacted you via message as it seemed the only way to inform you spontaneously.

I am extremely sorry for all this since this is counted as an unprofessional attitude but I assure you that this is not a lame excuse at all. I am willing for this job & request you to make it schedule if I can get some other slot for this interview. This would be a great favor for which I will be highly grateful to you.

Waiting for your reply!

Excuse letter for not attending interview



I am feeling extremely bad to inform you that I won’t be able to attend my scheduled interview that I had the next morning with your company. Without a shadow of a doubt, I was very happy when you called me for the interview and I wanted to be there at any cost.

Unluckily, my mother fell from a staircase the last night and got severe injuries. She has still hospitalized and doctors are of the view that she might get through some surgeries if she had broken some of her bones. I didn’t mean to state all these problematic descriptions, but I didn’t want to prove myself an unprofessional and unethical employee no matter I join the company or not.

I apologize once again for having wasted your valuable time and expect that you would not let my mother’s sudden illness collapse our interview. That is why I request you to think through giving me another chance.

Waiting in anticipation for an affirmative answer,

Best Regards!

Excuse letter for not attending interview


Sample letters…