Excuse Letter for not Attending an Event

If there is an important event that you could not attend due to some reason, it may be a good idea to write a formal letter apologizing for not being able to attend. This will be an excuse letter for not attending the event.

This is an important letter as if written properly may show that you are sincerely apologizing for not being able to attend the event.

Nearly anyone may need this letter at any time when a situation arises. You may not be able to attend say for instance graduation, an office party, etc.

Tips on writing the letter

  1. You can type this letter and send it to the respected individual.
  2. Start by stating the sender’s name, address, state plus Zip code in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Leave some space and type the date.
  4. Leave some space before typing the recipient’s name, address, state plus Zip code.
  5. Once again leave some space and write the subject. This can be in bold and summarizes why you are writing the letter. This is optional.
  6. After some space address the letter to the recipient.
  7. Leave space and start off by apologizing for why you were not able to attend the event on whatever day it was.
  8. State your reasons briefly in the first paragraph.
  9. Keep this short as well as to the point.
  10. You can reiterate your regret but close on a positive note.
  11. Leave some space before ending with “Sincerely” and after some space type the sender’s name. You can type their title if you want.
  12. If you have enclosed anything, you can leave some space before typing what you have enclosed.

An excuse letter is written when you are expressing regret for not attending an event. From the above, this is an important letter as the event may be some important event which your boss or teacher wanted you to attend.

You do not want to tarnish your reputation. Therefore, you need to excuse yourself politely and hope that your absence at the precise event will not negatively affect you later in your career or school life.

Sample Letters


Apology letter for not attending an eventDear, I am regretted not having come to your sister’s wedding held on [date]. You know well how excited I was for this event & was already planning a great get together at this joyous occasion but unluckily I had some family urgency & had to rush to my hometown [name of the home town] where my whole family lives.

Please accept my regrets for not being able to attend the ceremony. I hope my eleventh-hour amendment of strategies did not trouble you a lot. Once again, I ask for your thoughtfulness & understanding in this substance and hope that my eleventh-hour call to bob out was adequate.

Kindly convey my heartiest congratulations to your sister & I will soon be catching her for her precious gift that I had purchased. Hopefully, you will forgive me for what happened as I was the least guilty person in this regard & anticipate that this absence won’t affect our friendship at all.


Apology letter for not attending an eventRespected Sir, I am extremely sorry for not being able to come to the workplace yesterday when it was a day of presentations & it has its vital importance as well. But you can trust my words that my absence was not without any reason, in fact, I fell seriously ill & was not able to even move my body anyway.

The day before yesterday, I felt sick in the evening, but I just ignored it & got some medicines to get relief from the uncomforted state. On the following morning, it turned out to be high fever along with extreme body pain & a state of high distress & anxiety. I tried hard to get out of bed & come to the office since I knew very well the importance of the day, but I was unable to do anything of the sort.

I am regretful indeed for my unintentional absence & request you to kindly adjust my presentation somehow. I will be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Sincerely,