Email to Employees about New Company Policy

Every company should inform its employees about the implementation of a new policy if it wants the employees to follow them properly. The email is sent to employees to let them know what they are responsible to do at the workplace and what the devices that will be used are.

With the emergence of technology, the use of the internet has become very common. Every individual has easy and cheap access to the internet. Sending email means that you have communicated well with the employees.

The email written to employees about new policy provides all the guidelines for the employees. The employees don’t mind getting guidelines because they want to perform their job properly.

Tips for writing the email:

Here are the tips that are helpful for you to draft an email regarding the policies of the company

  1. Whether you have designed a new policy about the use of internet or the equipment of the company, it should be ensured that you have made your email reach every single employee who you want to follow these policies.
  2. The email should not discriminate between the employees. The policy which is designed only for a few people should not be sent to all the employees.
  3. Voicemails, emails and social media are used for the purpose of communicating with the employees. It should be ensured by the company before sending the email that every employee has easy access to the internet.
  4. It is necessary that you write the email in such a way that the policies of the company are easily understandable.
  5. It should be noticed that adding subject to the email is very important. Adding a subject in the email will enable the employee to understand that the email is important to be read and understood?
  6. Try to keep the email precise and to the point. However, if it needs a long description to describe something, you can write a long email. At the end of the email, encourage the employees to ask any question if they have in their mind.

Sample Email

The administration has established some new policies and it is considered mandatory to follow these strictly. Though a notice is already posted on the board, yet the firm presents you the new policy clauses via email to make sure everyone goes through it. The policies include the clauses as narrated below:

  • Keep away from wearing perfume in large quantity in the office as many others might be allergic to it and this practice can kill their professional day by giving them severe headaches.
  • If possible, the steps towards personal sterility should be taken whenever you find some free time either in the bathroom or some other reserved zone.
  • Listening to music is not prohibited in our office, but you must make sure that the volume is not loud enough to become an obstacle for others to continue working at their normal pace.
  • Employees are not allowed to use the printer for their personal use. They can use it if they are up to some official task.

Since the environment of our company is friendly and comfy, these policies are implemented to make our company an even better professional place for everyone to feel proud of being a part of it. As a vital clause of our rules and regulations, everybody is supposed to work and behave accordingly. Our purpose behind these policies is to improve the professional attitudes of employees and enhance the proficient competency of our organization.

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Email to Employees about New Company Policy


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Directive Letter to Employees for Change in a Policy

Dear all, I want to speak to you on a very important issue that needs to be dealt as soon as possible. All of you must know that the dressing of a person means everything in the very first glimpse even before that person utters a single word, he\she is being judged for whatever he\she is wearing. The requirements of the workplace and professional way of dressing is something that everybody working in a firm must know.

We have received many complaints about the weird dressing of some employees which cause uneasiness and discomfort for many others including co-workers and clients as well. We always intend to keep the atmosphere of our company healthy and constructive no matter what.

That is why keeping in view the above narrated and repeated complaints; the company has decided to revise the policy regarding the elimination of leniency in the dress code. The changes made by the authorities in the policy are listed below:

  • Wearing too petite clothing or showing too much skin for a professional work environment is prohibited.
  • Ladies should always wear a coat on their dress pants shirt, though they can wear jewelry by keeping it moderate too.
  • Though piercing is not appreciated at the workplace yet we understand that you have a life ahead out of the workplace as well, so an adequate piercing with a good taste of jewelry is also allowed.
  • Men are not allowed to come to the office wearing shorts & rough dresses. Everything should be in a professional way that does not hinder others in proceeding a good day.

We are quite optimistic that all of you will strictly abide by the changes made in the policy as it is only to promote a healthy atmosphere in the office. This policy is effective right after one week on [date & day] so that you can buy new clothes according to the standards of professionalism. Anyone who found disobeying the rules will be dealt in discipline.

Yours Sincerely, 

Directive letter to employees for change in dress code policy