Employment Termination Form

Employment Process:

Employing an individual in an organization is a difficult and cumbersome process. A lot of money and effort is undertaken to recruit a person with the matching skills and qualification needed for a particular job description. As soon as the employee is made part of the team he is given an agreement to sign that contains all the terms and conditions of doing the job in that organization. These rules and regulations may include the following elements:

  • Job description of the employee along with personal details
  • Salary Package and any perks
  • Dress code and discipline issues
  • Date of joining and time of contract
  • Terminations rules.

Among the entire important clauses, the most important element is about employment termination.

Employment Termination:

An employment termination can be both voluntary and involuntary depending upon the employee and organizational relationship. In both cases, it is a formal process that requires standard operating procedures to be adhered to. Any individual who wishes to get his employment terminated from the organization must fill in the employment termination form and submit it to the designated authorities for any required action.

Termination of an employee may include some emotional and legal consequences. So to minimize any adverse effects of the termination process, the situation should be dealt with very carefully and diligently. The employment termination form should be a comprehensively written document that should contain all the relevant details along with the reason for leaving the organization and terminating the employment contract.

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Employment Termination Form


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