Death Notice Templates

What is a death notice?

A death notice is an official document that is used to announce the death of a person. This notice is usually published in a newspaper or sent to a radio channel or television for the announcement. This notice is a paid advertisement which is supposed to inform all the friends and family about the death.

What is the purpose of a death notice?

The notice is intended to inform those people who could not get the news of death from family sources. It also serves as a proof of a person’s death.

What does a death notice include?

Death notice gives the details about the death announcement, and personal details of the deceased person such as education details, marriage, profession, funeral services memorial donations, etc.

Key features of the template:

  1. It also provides full support for high-quality images, fonts of different styles, and a lot more.
  2. It can be printed easily from any printer. The template allows the user to customize it to make it usable for him.
  3. The template for death notices can easily be obtained from the internet.
  4. The death notice template is very easy to use. It can be used by anyone.
  5. The design and interface of this template are very simple which makes it highly interactive.

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How to create a death notice?

  1. This notice should be started with the title. The title should be given at the top of the document.
  2. Mention the date on which the person died.
  3. Add the picture of the person whose death is being announced through this notice. Adding a picture is optional.
  4. Add the name of the person, date of birth, complete address, time of death, place of death, and cause of death in the notice. You can also add some more details depending on your own needs.
  5. After giving all the details, add a little description at the end of the notice. This description is optional. If you don’t want to add a description or a few wordings about the death, you can omit it.
  6. End the notice with your signatures.

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Sample Death Notice

Elizabeth Winfrey, aged 73, died after fighting a long battle with cancer this Saturday dated 22-01-18 in Kent England. She was born on 1st April [X] in Bristol England to Mr. & Mrs. Romy. In [dd/mm/yyyy] she got married to Lee. She raised 2 sons and one daughter. Elizabeth worked as a nurse in a local hospital in London. She received various awards for her service to humanity.

Funeral services will be held on [date] and the venue of the funeral will be St. XYZ Church. Memorial donations can be made to the [X] Trust in the name of Elizabeth. Funeral services will be hosted by the close family and friends.

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Death Notice Template

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More samples


I am disheartened in disclosing the death news of our dear employee Louis Patricia on [mention date]. He was one of the most dedicated and compassionate employees and I always cherished him for his competency. His family is in great despair and our words of condolence can be of little help in lessening their grief. In his remembrance, there is a small gathering on [mention date] at his place. You can write your condolence messages on a card to give to Patricia’s family. His death news has left everyone in shock. Our deepest fellow feelings are with his family and may they will be given the courage to bear this loss.


You all will be shocked to know that Erwin, the assistant director of our company, has left for his heavenly abode. He will always be remembered as a compassionate, dedicated, and motivated employee. Throughout his career, he never gave me an opportunity to complain about anything. He had great concern for helping his employees and was a man of spirits. He has left behind his mother, wife, and a young son.

My sympathies are with Erwin’s family and I request all of you to leave a commiseration note for his family. His funeral will be held at 3 pm in Massachusetts Graveyard and you all are requested to attend it.  Erwin had many great friends in the company and I present my deepest sympathies to them.


This message is about our sales manager’s death news that died in a terrible road accident last night. It is a tough time for his family to digest this news. They are not ready to talk anything about it. He was bestowed with friendly nature and compassionate attitude. He was loved by all of his friends and they enjoyed his company. His death has created a gap that no one can fill. If anyone of you wants to attend the funeral ceremony, he/she can attend it after taking off.


My deepest condolences are with Joe’s family who died because of heart failure on [mention date]. He was one of our active participants in fundraising ceremonies and he made great contributions in community services. He will always be missed by all of us. His funeral is at 1 pm at Othello Church and you all are requested to attend it. There will be no work activity today and we will leave at 11 am to bid him final goodbye.


Dear employees, please be informed that Michael Davis died this morning due to blood cancer. He was on his chemo sessions and he struggled hard till his last breath to fight the disease. His absence has created chaos which is difficult to fill. This is indeed a tough time for his family as he died very young. He had a great wish of doing something for cancer patients and he often visited cancer hospitals in this regard. He was a great human being and will remain alive in our hearts.

Memorial Notice

Our very own Nathan Smith from Hertfordshire passed on 27/01/XX after fighting a long-lasting battle with cancer. He was the loving father of Bob and the most caring husband of Liz. He was not only a wonderful father and husband but also a very compassionate human being who always believed in giving back to society. Even after his death, we will be working to carry on his legacy.

All the relatives and friends are requested to attend his funeral services held at the St. Joseph church on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. followed by interment at the cemetery.

Memorial Notice

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