Employee Leave Request Letters

When you want to get leave from your job, it is important for you to bring your request for leave in writing. Writing a leave request letter is important for documentation purposes. It also makes it easier for the manager to understand what you are asking for.

When you write a written request letter, the chances of your request letter acceptance increase as it shows your professionalism towards your job.

What should be included in the leave request letter? 

The main details to be added to this letter are:

  1. The reason for requesting the leave should be explained in the letter. Your reason can be any personal problem, health problems, or wanting a break from stressful work.
  2. It should also be explained in the letter how you are going to help to prepare the organization for your leave. You can help the organization by training the replacement or completing all the pending work before leaving.
  3. The dates of your departure, as well as return, should also be mentioned in the letter.

It is very important for you to write a formal type of written letter because it becomes part of your personal file to undertake the process of granting leave. It is also very important for documentation so that your application or request for leave can be approved.

Every company has its own policies for granting the leave. It is important for you to follow these policies.

When should you write the leave request letter? 

If you are not able to perform your duties for a specific period, you are supposed to write a leave request letter to your employer asking for leave.

This letter is very important for any organization because it is a formal way of informing the employees about the leave so that you can prepare the organization accordingly.

Informing the employer beforehand is a very professional approach. It is always recommended you write a leave request whenever you are in need to stay away from the job. You can also download the leave request letter template available on the Internet in readymade format.



Please take this letter as my formal leave request from the office for ten days. I had thrashed out the matter with you in person and you were willing to allow me leave for ten days. My leave will start from [mention date] to [mention date]. I can remain available for online assistance during this time and you can contact me from 12 pm to 3 pm for any work urgency. Mr. David will readily be available to you to handle my pending tasks. I hope you will cooperate with me to come out of this tough phase. I shall be thankful to you for your sheer support.


I am proposing this letter to bring to your notice that due to a sudden emergency, I intend to take leave for a week. I intend to avail it from [mention date] to [mention date]. This is a preliminary schedule and I will let you know of the changes I need to make in it. I have guided Mr. George to look over the matters during my absence and he will tackle the customers. I can remain available only for urgent matters through email. I will be highly obliged to you for your thorough consideration.


This message aims to let you know that due to an ailment I want to take a few day’s leave. I have been kept on ten days recovery time and I will resume office probably on [mention date]. The doctor’s recommendation is attached to the message. Kindly tell me about the procedure I need to follow to balance my enormous work while I will remain absent. Thank you for cooperating with me.


I find it demented to take leave permission amidst the crisis our organization is following. I am apologetic in advance for causing you inconvenience during my absence. I got a stomach ache at last night’s friends’ gathering. I overate which resulted in vomiting and stomach upset. I am admitted to the hospital yesterday and will be discharged probably today. I will need two days’ leave to get fully recovered as I am feeling very lethargic now. I hope you will understand my condition and will allow me to leave.


I hope you have been doing great. I am writing to you to ask for a few days’ leave for taking care of my father. He has got a heart attack and will remain admitted to hospital for a few days. I cannot attend the office during this as my father needs assistance all the time. I have requested Mr. Samuel to deal with my clients till I remain absent and he is agreed to manage it. I will update you about my father’s situation and I hope you will consider my leave request.


Respected Sir, I want to take your permission in attending the marriage ceremony of my cousin. I need five days’ leave in this regard. From [mention date] to [mention date] I will not remain available. I have completed all the assigned tasks of the month and there is no work pending on my side. It would be a great favor for me if you approve my leave message.

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