Memo on Failure to Follow Instructions

A memo on your failure to follow instructions is written to send a very small message to the employee working in the organization to let him know about the failure. This memo also serves as a reminding document to alert the employee that he was to follow the instructions to perform a specific task.

The purpose of writing this memorandum is to give a wakeup call to an employee so that he can look after all those matters that are being ignored.

Sometimes the negligence of the duty is because of some personal problems in the life of an employee. No matter what the reason is, the ignorance of the duty is never acceptable by any organization.

Memorandum is sent to employees to make them coordinate and streamline their work. It is very important for the employee to follow all these instructions that are given to him to perform everything up to the mark. When employees were unable to do so, a memo on failure to follow instructions is written.

Tips to write the memo:

To give a professional look to your memorandum, it is important to draft it professionally. You should follow the accurate format of the memorandum. It should be started with the title of the ‘memorandum’. The ‘memorandum’ should be written on the top of the page so that the reader can know that it is a memo.

After mentioning the title, address the recipient of the memo. Since it is a formal document the addressing should be in a formal tone. The subject of the memo should be chosen with care. Always try to be specific and concise as the subjects are not very long.

Before you start writing the body of the memorandum, you should consider the audience. The level of formality and structure of the memo totally depends on the type of audience.

The problem of the employees’ failure in following the instructions should be addressed in the very first paragraph of the memo. After that, give a short summary of what was agreed upon between you and the employee.

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Memo on failure to follow instructions

Memo on Failure to Follow Instructions

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