Memo by Administration for Mishandling of Customer

Customers are important for any business. It is important to deal with customers politely or else the business can lose clients. If any mishandling of a customer occurs, the concerned employee will be consulted. This can occur with the memo by the administration for mishandling of customers.

What is a memo by the administration for the mishandling of customers?

A memo by the administration for mishandling of customers is sent to an employee or employees to inform the individual that their mishandling of a customer has come to light. The memo may provide consequences for the employee’s actions.

Importance of a memo by the administration

In any business, the mishandling of customers is not tolerated. This gives a bad impression of the company and the company can lose customers. The memo is a way that the boss or manager can communicate the message to the concerned individual. It will bring immediate attention to the problem quickly and briefly. It will raise awareness that the action has been noted. The memo can provide details of the consequences that the person will face due to them mishandling a customer.

When to write the memo?

If a customer has consulted authorities in a business that they have been mishandled by an employee, the administration will need to take action. This is when they can write the memo and concisely let the employee know that their behavior has caused a customer to be dissatisfied. It should be written in a timely manner when the complaint against the employee has been put forward so that the employee changes their behavior immediately or else the business can lose more customers like this.

Benefits of writing a memo

The memo has some benefits that are given below:

It helps the administration convey a message to employees:

There are so many different functions occurring in a business and the mishandling of customers needs to be addressed immediately. The administration will want to do this quickly and professionally. The memo helps out here as it only includes the main points directly and professionally.

Let employees know that their behavior was wrong:

Employees need to know when they are not working according to the standards of the company. This can harm a business and result in the loss of precious customers. If an employee mishandled any customer, they need to know that it is vital they change their behavior. They need to know that their behavior has been noticed and action is being taken for this. If they do not know about this, they may be continuing to behave in this way, therefore, losing customers for a business.

Provide consequences for employee actions:

The memo can provide the consequences that the employee will be facing due to mishandling the customer. This lets the employee know about this and how they need to change their behavior. The employee will know what problems they may face if they behave in this way again. When an employee knows that they can lose their job due to this behavior, they will probably behave differently later on.

Proof of mishandling of customer:

The memo is proof that the employee has been informed of their behavior in case the employee later claims that this did not occur. In case the employee mishandles a customer later on, the memo can be consulted to show the employee that they were informed before to stop this behavior.

Sample memo by the administration for mishandling of customers:


To: (Name of recipient)

From: (Name of sender)


Subject: Mishandling of customer

I am writing to let you know that your mishandling of a customer has been noted. You mishandled (name of customer) on (give a date when this action occurred). You (tell what the employee did).

Our company values customers and has informed employees that no customer should be mishandled. Due to your actions, we have lost a valuable customer.

The consequences that you will face are (tell what the consequences are). It is important that you change your behavior or (tell what will happen if this issue arises again).

The company will appreciate your cooperation and hope that you apologize to the customer and change your behavior.

Memo by Administration for Mishandling of Customer

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