Email of Noncompliance with Company Policy

Every workplace has rules and regulations that people need to follow so that no disturbance occurs. If these are ignored, some hazards and issues may occur. Therefore if someone does not follow the rules, they will need to be informed which can be done with an email of noncompliance with company policy.

What is an email of noncompliance with company policy?

An email of noncompliance with company policy is an email that the administration or manager of a company will send to the individual who has not followed certain rules or regulations of the company. The email will state what rules were not followed and what consequences will be faced due to this.

Importance of an email of non-compliance with company policy

The email of noncompliance with company policy is a tool that a company can use to inform as well as warn the individual about certain rules that were not followed and how the problem can be solved and rectified. The letter will allow the administration of the company to professionally inform the person of how they did not comply with company policy. The company can state what rules they did not observe and how this affected the company.

The individuals concerned will know that their behavior has been noticed and that they will need to change it. Email allows it to be easy for a company to deliver important information like this whenever they need to. Rather than sending a hard copy which will take more time, an email will be cost-effective.

When to write

The letter is written when it has been noticed that a person has not complied with company policy. The email should be sent immediately when this happens so that the individual concerned can change and rectify their behavior and that no further disturbances occur due to this.

Benefits of writing an email or noncompliance

The email of noncompliance with company policy has some advantages which are given below:

It allows a company to let concerned individuals know they have not complied with company policy

Sending an email does not take much time. It is an effective way to let a company communicate with concerned individuals.  An email is delivered immediately so the person will know that they have not complied with company policy. This information must get communicated promptly so that the individual changes their behavior. The email can help do this professionally and timely providing all the details of the non-compliance.

Proof that a warning was given

If the concerned individual claims that they were not informed of the noncompliance, the email can be consulted. The company can use it as proof that they informed the person that they have not complied with company policy. If the person continues with the behavior claiming that they did it unintentionally, the email will be proof that they were informed.

It lets the concerned individual know about the non-compliance

Sometimes a person may unintentionally not comply with company policy because they did not know it exists. With the help of email, they will be informed of the policy that they did not follow and what steps they have to take next. They can then behave according to company procedures.

Sample email

Email subject line: Noncompliance with company policy

Dear (Name of the concerned individual),

I am writing this email to inform you that your noncompliance with company policy (state which policy they did not follow) has been observed on (tell when the person did not comply with company policy). Our company places importance on all of its policies and wants employees and clients to observe these so that the functioning of the company can occur effectively.

Your violation of this policy has led to (state the effects of the behavior). We understand that unexpected noncompliance can occur occasionally and will not take further action. However, if the same behavior continues, action will need to be taken. We expect our employees and clients to behave professionally and according to the company’s best interest.

We expect you to correct your behavior or we will need to take further disciplinary action.

We are available to discuss any complications. Please contact at (give phone number).


(Your Name)

(Your email signature)

Email of Noncompliance with Company Policy

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