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It is a business card that is used by most businesses in order to allow customers to express their opinions about the business and give feedback on the experience they had with you. The purpose of using this comment card is to evaluate customer satisfaction with the business.

It also enables the retailer to know about those areas of the business in which he needs improvement. The use of customer comment cards also makes your customers realize that you are listening to their opinions and value their insight into your business.

Customer comment card template

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Customer comment card template

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Customer comment card template

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Customer comment card template

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Customer comment card template

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It is regarded as a very important tool that lets you communicate with your customers. It is a great way for all those businesses that want to collect testimonials about their business. These testimonials can then be used for advertising and marketing the business.

There are many techniques that you can use to make your customers fill out the comment card. Apart from appreciation, an incentive can also be offered for filling out the comment card.

The incentive may be a small discount on a future purchase or a free small item with the purchase.

The comment cards are not used by the customers to appreciate the business. Sometimes, these cards also become a big source of complaints from customers. The use of a comment card allows unhappy customers to share their experience with you instead of sharing it on social media and spreading it out.

Customer comment card


How do I create a comment card?

The comment cards are prepared on card paper with a professional printer. The layout and the format of the form should be simple and easy to understand. Most of the customers don’t know how to comment. For this, it is better to provide them with several options to choose from.

The comment card should be readily available to customers. If you are running the business online, then make sure that the web version of the comment card is also available. Online survey forms can also be used in place of comment cards.

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Customer comment card template

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