Letter of Intent for Job -Templates

Finding a job is always a crucial task. People always desire for a job that matches their demands, expertise, and skills. Many times, it happens that people find the job but that is not matching exactly to their skills and knowledge. Sometimes, it also happens that people get a low-profile job that is much lesser than their qualifications and experience.

These things usually happen when a skillful and experienced person is badly in need of a job due to some personal reasons. Overall, finding the right job is a time taking and tough task. But, luck is always associated somewhat with getting jobs. Apart, references also play a vital role in getting good jobs.

Intention means desire. A desire for something is a natural phenomenon. A letter of intent is a letter of interest. And for a job, such letters are much productive and useful as they serve as a cover letter. These letters clearly explain the skills, qualifications, and experiences of the applicant.

It serves as an impressive note in the eyes of the respective organization. It creates a concerning image of the applicant. It gives proof of a well- being and hardworking nature.

It is human nature that people get attracted to things that are clear and distinguished properly according to scenarios. So, a hiring manager gets much attracted to resumes that have a letter of intent. This also provides an ease to them in getting information about the respective applicant. As well as, it feels that person is seriously concerned in showing his skills and capabilities in his desired job.

Sample Letter -1

Dear Mr. /Ms.  [Name Here],

I am [Name Here]. I read the advertisement for the job in your company. I am interested in doing the job of the required post of [post name] in your organization. The reason for my interest is that it is a challenging job and I am always ready to accept the challenges. I must say my skills are meeting the requirements of the job and your organization. Enclosed with the letter is my resume. You can contact me for further information.

I would be grateful to hear back soon.


[Your Name]

Sample Letter -2

Dear [Robert],

My name is [NAME HERE]. I learned about this job through [TEXT] and intend to apply for it.

Mr. [Manager/Other], I worked as a manager in [Company Name] for [X] years and have work experience necessary for this job. It has always been my priority to work under a kind, intelligible and professional company like yours and will provide you with all the skills I possess for the betterment of the company and will try to fulfill my commitments on the best possible level under you sheer observance.

My resume has been attached to the letter along with my other educational documents. kindly take my letter and resume for your consideration.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sample Letter -3

Dear [Stephan Frances],

My name is [MNA]. I have been working as a senior PHYSICS teacher in [SCHOOL/COLLEGE] for five years. I have three-year experience of teaching at [Barkley] after I graduated from [COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY] in 2009. I came to know through [SORUCE] that a vacancy for a senior Physics teacher is vacant at your institute. I am interested in applying and starting this job as it is an honor to teach at [INSTITUTE]; a well-known institute in the country. I am sure that I possess all the required qualifications, certificates, and experience to qualify for the job.

I have attached my CV and other relevant documents to this letter. Looking forward to your response.

Sample Letter -4

Dear Albert,

This is [Stephan]. I have read an advertisement for the job post of [Mechanical Engineer]. I have read all the requirements needed for the job and happily feels that I fulfill all of them.

I graduated from [COLLEGE/UNI] in 2007 and possess [MASTERS DEGREE] in [Mechanical Engineering]. I have an experience of [Experience] at [Company Name] for six years. For these six years, I have worked honestly and diligently to fulfill my responsibilities. I have a good reputation as a [Mechanical Engineer] in my field of work.

Summarizing all these requirements I can happily say that I meet all the requirements of the said job. Please consider my application for the process of recruitment and let me know for any other details you needed.

Attached is my CV and all other required documents.

Waiting for your kind response.

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Letter of intent for a job


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Letter of intent for a teaching job

Letter of Intent for Teaching Job

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Letter of intent for a job template

Letter of Intent for a Job

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Letter of intent for a job

Letter of Intent for a Job

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