Critical Position Justification Letter

If you are an owner of the company and you have realized that there is a need to produce a new position in the company that is critical for the company to make it function smoothly, you will write a letter to propose establishing a new job position.

In this letter, the sender tries to justify his proposal for making room for additional job positions which are very important for the success of the company. This letter holds so much importance especially when there is a need to hire someone with special skills.

A good letter must highlight the following

Demonstrate the need:

As soon as you start the letter, clearly state that you need to hire additional staff for the company. Since you want to build up an additional post, describe the need in such a way that the reader can understand the company needs more people.

Explain the effect of not having the staff:

Since you are trying to convince the reader into allowing you to hire new people, explain in what way the company is being affected because of not having a particularly critical position filled up.

Clearly state what you want:

Since you have already explained the need, now when you ask the reader that there is a need to have a critical vacancy to be filled up, your statement will make sense to him. For being more comprehensive, you can tell what roles you expect that critical position to play in making a business successful.

Read the sample letter given below:


For the past few months, I have been noticing that the company is not producing high-quality content for publishing in the newspaper. The written material our company is producing usually has errors and many publishers have returned to use our material due to this.

Earlier, the company had a small setup, and any in the company would sit and edit the content to make it meet the needs of the publisher. However, now the size of the company has increased so much and we receive many requests from publishers in a single day. When we have pressure to produce more content, we make the material with lots of errors and there is no one available now for editing and proofreading.

According to me, the company needs a competent and experienced copy editor. For this purpose, a vacancy for a content editor should be created. The candidate who will be hired on this post should be able to proofread the content thoroughly to make it free from mistakes. This way, we will be able to produce quality content and the reputation of the company will also not be affected.

I hope that you will pay attention to my request and take the necessary steps to establish a new position in the company.

Critical Position Justification Letter

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I am supervising the sales department and receiving many complaints from various customers because our salespersons are unable to communicate with all of them. They are not taking 10% of the total calls they receive every day. This is affecting the performance of the salespersons and also affecting the sales of the company. Incensed customers are leaving the company because they are not being heard.

When I tried to resolve this problem, the first thing I noticed was a problem with call distribution. If not all, most of the calls reach one person and the remaining salespersons remain idle and keep waiting for calls. Considering this, I believe that the company needs a new position of receptionist whose job will be to evenly distribute the calls among various representatives.

Having a new position of receptionist in the company will be very beneficial for the company. There will be no missed calls and everyone will be able to work to their full potential.

I hope that you have understood the problem and you will immediately consider my proposal and take the necessary steps. In case you need further information, contact me.

Critical Position Justification Letter

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