Complaint Letters for Poor Cleaning Service

Anybody can face poor cleaning services in a company. Most people don’t know what to do in such a situation. It is always advisable to write a complaint letter to the management of the company for letting them know about the poor cleaning service.

Poor cleaning services can cause serious damage to the atmosphere. Unhygienic services can also lead to many health-related problems. Writing a complaint letter can save you and many others.

What is a complaint letter?

A complaint letter is a formal document that is the best way for all those people who want to express their feelings of disappointment in getting poor services. Due to high competition, most organizations these days take complaint letters very seriously as they are much concerned about what their customers think about them.

Tips for writing a good complaint letter:

  1. A complaint letter is a formal document and it should be written in a formal way.
  2. Make sure that the language you use in the letter is simple and easy to understand. The language to be used in the letter must be formal.
  3. Write the letter in a precise way. Mention all those details that can verify the facts.

How to write a complaint letter?

It is always recommended to mention all the details in the letter so that the company can verify what you are telling. If you are not happy with the cleaning services of the company, make sure that you are successful in expressing your thoughts and feelings about the poor cleaning services.

Most companies are much serious about their reputation and they always investigate the matter as soon as they get a complaint letter. Your complaint letter will be able to make the company improve its services. Many companies encourage the complaint letters received.

You can request the company that you are facing inconvenience due to poor cleaning services and you want the company to provide good services if it wants its name not to be tarnished.

Sample Letters


I am writing to make a complaint regarding the cleaning service provided by your company. I have been a regular customer of XYZ Cleaners for the past year and have availed your services on several occasions. However, I have been disappointed by the quality of your performance during your last service, on 12th May 2032.

I availed of your 2-hours package. However, your team was not able to finish the job. They rushed back without winding up. This was highly disappointing for me.

I would like to ask for compensation for the dissatisfying experience. I also hope the company will take the complaint seriously and offer better services in future.

I look forward to your response.


My name is Jane Doe and I want to let you know that I am not happy with the cleaning service I recently received from your company. I am a first-time customer and I expected a high quality of standard from you. However, I am really disappointed.

On Friday, 24th June, I asked for my apartment to be cleaned. However, your employees seemed inexperienced at their job. They also behaved unprofessionally when I asked them to clean some spots they missed.

I am telling you this because I think it’s important to share feedback and give you a chance to make things better. You need to make sure your staff receives proper training both at their job as well as while dealing with clients.

I hope my complaint will be taken seriously.  

#3 about the office

This letter is about the poor cleaning services offered in the office. A complaint was filed before as well against the cleaning services provider. But we did not have any positive response or improvement. We would like to place a complaint again. It is very hard to work in a dirty place. When we come to work, our workstations are full of dust. The other day, my screen was full of dirt marks which made it hard for me to focus. Most of the time, the employees are doing the necessary cleaning themselves. This is time taking and very unproductive at the same time.

We will be looking forward to better cleaning services in the future and a timely response.

Complaint letter for poor cleaning service

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#4 Housekeeping

I am writing this letter about the poor housekeeping services offered by the service provider. I am a working woman, and this is the reason that I must rely on cleaning services to keep my house clean and tidy.

For the last two weeks, the cleaner has not been doing her work properly. The kitchen is left dirty, the bathrooms are not washed every day. Even the laundry is done once a week. Due to poor cleaning, the house not only looks dirty but also unhygienic.

I have been requested the cleaner directly to pay more attention to cleaning. But I did not see any change in the cleaning pattern. I would, therefore, like to request you to please provide me with a better cleaner who can take care of the home as their own home.

Complaint letter for poor cleaning service

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