Complaint Letters to Building Management

A tenant has the right to write a complaint letter to the owner or the building management, who is responsible for taking care of the building. The landlords or administration should take the complaint letter seriously so that the issue faced by residents of the building can be resolved.

This type of complaint letter is written by the tenant to the manager of the building. The basic purpose of writing this complaint letter is to draw the attention of the management to something that is causing inconvenience for the tenant.

Moreover, this letter also serves the purpose of a request letter, where you request that the tenant do some repair work.

Guidelines for writing a complaint letter

  1. The complaint letter is not written to friends or any family member, it is better to be formal in the choice of words. Try not to add emotional statements in the complaint letter. If you want to tell the reader the facts about the building, use a polite tone.
  2. Avoid adding irrelevant information in the complaint letter.
  3. Use strong language with a firm tone. Also, make sure that you stay respectful. Your complaint letter should not ruin your relationship with the management of the building.

How to write a complaint letter to the management?

Add the address of the receiver, the name of the recipient, the name of the sender, the date of writing the complaint letter, and the subject in the letter. Mention the complete address of the building you are talking about. If you have given many reminders previously, let the reader know about them.

Explain your problem in the letter in detail. However, unnecessarily long information should be avoided. Since the management of the company is responsible for providing maintenance and repair services to tenants, you can directly ask the management to investigate the matter.

You can enlist all the things in the building that need seeing. Tell the reader about the importance of taking necessary actions in response to the complaint letter you are writing. End the letter by mentioning the response you are expecting.

Sample Letters


I am writing to express my concerns about the issue in our building regarding elevator maintenance. The issue has created a great deal of inconvenience for all the residents. We seek your immediate attention to this matter.

Over the past month, the elevator has been out of service at least once a week. This particularly poses a significant issue for residents on higher floors. I myself live on the 5th floor with my elderly parents who have mobility issues.  

I kindly request that you address this concern as a priority. The elevator requires maintenance before it develops a more serious fault.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will resolve this issue at the earliest.


I am writing to bring to your attention an ongoing concern related to the building’s water supply. There has been a disrupted supply of water during peak hours with unusually low pressure.

I had earlier reported this issue at the reception expecting a prompt resolution. However, I have been disappointed since I received no response from the management.  

Reliable water service is a basic necessity. Its frequent disruption is affecting the daily lives of many residents. I, therefore, request you to treat this matter with the urgency it requires.

I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and expect to see improvement soon.  


I am a resident of flat number 1 for the last two years. The sink in my kitchen is getting very old. The fittings and fixtures need repairs. The main pipe has broken down due to which, whenever I do my dishes, the water gets stuck in the sink for hours. I have tried cleaning chemicals to open the drain, but no luck yet. This leaves the water in the sink for hours to drain and the water spills around the kitchen making it very dangerous as anyone can slip on the floor.

I have been bringing this to your notice a couple of times before as well, but the problem remains unresolved. Can you please bring your attention to this and get my sink fixed sooner?


I am writing you this letter from house #4. It has been great to live in this house and you have been a wonderful landlord. As included in the tenancy agreement, you must look after the repairs and maintenance of the house. Following the heavy rains during the last week, my roof has started to leak. The water keeps on dripping from numerous areas.

I never really faced any issues in the past, so I never had to come to you with a complaint. However, it would be great if you could get this fixed as soon as possible. It is getting hard for me and my wife to keep on mopping the floor and cleaning the dripping water.

Complaint letter to building management
Complaint letter to building management

Complaint Letters to Building Management
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