Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Product

Writing a complaint letter is important if you want the company to improve its services. Sometimes the company from which we buy a product doesn’t satisfy us. No one can buy a faulty or damaged product.

Most of the time, people are generally happy with the product or company, and that company makes an exception that makes you feel very disappointed. Such companies are always expected to improve their services. That is why the customers feel it is their responsibility to let the company know about the faulty products.

Receiving a faulty product should never be taken for granted, and it should never go unnoticed. There is always a solution associated with receiving a poor-quality product. All you have to do is write a complaint letter to the supplier, informing him that the product was not of good quality.

Benefits of writing a complaint letter to a supplier

  1. Many people always ignore it when they get a low-quality product. It should be known that it is the right of a customer to get the product refunded if s/he receives a poor-quality product. When you write a complaint letter to the supplier, s/he gets notified about the faulty product that s/he has sent you and those that are in line.
  2. The supplier can easily investigate the matter to know about the reasons for a quality product, and then s/he can also prevent sending the quality product to other customers and to you next time.
  3. Most supplier companies don’t like to see a dissatisfied customer, so when they receive a complaint letter, it is more likely that they will get your product replaced or refunded.
  4. Sometimes you also receive a free coupon or free product if the product is not replaceable, such as a food item.
  5. When you write a complaint letter to the supplier, you draw their attention to those who are not performing their job properly.

Sample Letters


I am writing to express my deep disappointment with the recent shipment of products we received from your company. It is with regret that I must bring to your attention the poor quality of the items we ordered.

Upon inspection, we discovered that a significant portion of the products did not meet the standards that were specified in our purchase agreement. These quality issues have led to a major inconvenience in our operations. At the same time, the incident has also compromised the trust we had in your company’s products.

I kindly request that you address this matter promptly. We require a replacement or a full refund for the defective products. We also hope that such issues will not arise in future shipments.

We value our business relationship and hope to resolve this matter amicably. Your prompt attention to this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Please provide a response at your earliest convenience. You can reach us at the provided phone number or email address.


This is with reference to consignment number [X] that was delivered to us yesterday, May 25th. We are extremely disappointed with the quality of the fabric. The silk is too flimsy, and the colors look faded.

It deeply troubles us that despite our payment for premium-quality items, we received sub-standard stuff that is certainly not suitable for the standards our boutique upholds. This was our first ever purchase from you, and, regretfully, we have had an awful experience.

Our operations have been halted since we cannot use this low-quality material for our products. We, therefore, urgently request that you address the issue as your first priority.

We expect to hear from your representative soon.


I am writing this letter to provide you with a review of your product. I ordered two shirts online from your website. The shirts had an outlook on a very premium brand and were of good quality. However, upon receiving them, I was really shocked to see the poor quality of the shirts. They are not the correct size, and even the colors are already fading away.

This was not the quality that I was expecting. I would like a refund for these shirts. And I would like you to request that your merchandiser provide you with better-quality material.


The objective of this letter is to ask for a refund for the online package that you delivered. Upon opening the package, I found all the items to be defective. The bottles were broken and leaking as well. Due to the leakage, all other items were also damaged. This was not the quality that I was expecting. I have been following your social media and reading all the reviews. But the service that I received has been extremely poor.

Can you please refund my money or deliver me new, high-quality products?

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Product
Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Product

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