Academic Calendar Template

The Academic Calendar is an information source and scheduled document not only for students but also for the faculty, staff, and departments. The components of the calendar include:

  • registration dates
  • session start-end date
  • designated holidays
  • deadlines,
  • exam dates

For many years, the academic calendar at the higher education level has followed a steady and traditional format. Regular types of calendars have been largely adopted. These comprise the early semester, quarter system, trimester, and other divisions.

A calendar that divides the academic year into two terms was the prevailing calendar used by U.S. colleges and universities earlier. However, the early semester, which splits the academic year into equivalent terms, substituted for the traditional semester. The calendar is helpful as

  • It provides a reasonable period for learning, research assignments, and thesis
  • It endorses greater communication between faculty and students
  • It reduces the inclination toward course disintegration
  • It offers a comparison with other institutions’ calendars and curricula.

School Calendar Template

Like every passing year, the academic calendar is also formatted for the years 20XX-XX. This will allow the relative users to plan their time according to the assigned tasks.

Designing an academic calendar was difficult when the digital setup was not established. Nowadays, formatting an academic calendar is at hand via free online templates.

It is suitable for use by a teacher, student, or other faculty group. It is customizable and adjustable, for use by professors, lecturers, in-school administration, students, freshmen, and much more.

The individual term dates, fall and spring assigned dates, and holidays in every category are listed in the pre-formatted templates. What you have to do is just download the template that suits your institution and fill in the specific dates. Get it printed for practical application and distribution. Here you have a 20XX–XX calendar template ready to use in an easy format.

Preview and Details of Template

Academic Calendar Template 2015-2016