Student Attendance Record Template

What is the student attendance record?

The attendance record of the student is a document in which the attendance of the student is marked. This document tells how often a student has attended a particular class or institute.

Importance of student attendance record

 In most of the institutes, the attendance record is given so much importance because it tells how much a student takes interest in his studies. When an institute keeps track of the attendance of the student, it becomes easy for it to determine how likely a student is to let good results. Students who don’t attend school or college regularly often fall behind from their classmates and then they face many problems in their studies and also in their career.

What are the advantages of using the student attendance record?

Many institutes like to use the student attendance record sheet because it is beneficial for them in many ways. Some of the key advantages of using the student record sheet are

  1. This sheet records the attendance of every student who has been enrolled in the institute. The record sheet enables the administration and management of the institute to take several decisions based on the information obtained from the attendance record sheet.
  2. The attendance record of the student is also helpful in making the student regular. When students know that their attendance of each day is being recorded, they can keep themselves punctual.
  3. The institute gets very useful information from the attendance record of the student. It is very easy for the institute to know at which the student was present in the class or at which date he was on leave. This information can be used for many other purposes. When a student shows frequent absenteeism from the class, the teacher calls the parents of the child to let them know about it.

What should be included in the student attendance record?

The main details that are added to the student attendance record are

  1. The name of each student enrolled in the class
  2. Student ID
  3. Roll number of each student
  4. Number of days the student was present
  5. Number of days the student was absent
  6. Number of days the student was on leave
  7. Signature of the person marking the attendance

Student attendance record template

Many institutes don’t have any properly designed record sheet in which they can record the attendance of their students. F or such institutes, the template for the record sheet is available. This template is a useful tool because it makes it very easy for everyone to mark the attendance of the students. This sheet calculates many details on its own such as attendance of the student in percentage. Some templates also represent attendance in the form of a pie chart.

These templates are intended to save the time of the use. Therefore, people can download them free of cost from the internet and can also print them whenever it is required.

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Student Attendance Record Template
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