Daily Lesson Planners for Teachers

Daily lesson planners are needed by teachers so that they know what to teach daily and do not leave out anything important. These can guide them and provide them with information on what to include in a lesson.

What is a Daily Lesson Planner?

A lesson plan tends to be a teacher’s detailed description containing the course of instruction and the learning trajectory of a lesson. Daily lesson planners are made by teachers to guide class learning properly. With these details vary depending on what the teacher prefers, the subject being covered, along with the requirements of the students.

Daily lesson planner for teachers

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Daily lesson planner for teachers

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Daily lesson planner for teachers

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How to make Daily Lesson Planners?

  • Heading– At the top of the document, you can write that it is a lesson planner. In this way, you will not mix it up with your other documents.
  • Day and date– This is important and needs to be stated clearly. At the top of the daily planner, the day and date can be given in bold. This will let the teacher know what day to use the planner. Therefore, there will be no confusion if they need to refer back to some previous lesson they can do so easily with the help of the date.
  • Table– The planner can be arranged in a table format so that information can be gathered from it easily.
  • Teacher’s name– This can be printed on the top of the planner so that whoever needs the document knows which teacher’s lesson plan it is.
  • Grade– This also needs to be given so that the teacher and others know what grade it is for.
  • Name of the subject– State this clearly on top.
  • Time– The time can be stated on one side of the table. These should be clear, allowing you to quickly consult the planner and know what to do at what time.
  • Details of what to do– In the other column, next to the time, state what needs to be done at that time. The information here should be precise without long details. Simply write this using only a few words. If there are many details, then it can become confusing.
  • Other points to include– You may even include when it is lunch, recess, special activities, etc.
  • Highlight important areas– If you want any part of the table to stand out, this can be highlighted.

Advantages of Daily Lesson Planners:

These planners are important, as can be seen above. Some advantages include:

  • Allows the teacher to have a clear view of what to teach on a certain day.
  • No important topic will be left out as the teacher will plan what to teach when and at what time.
  • If the headmaster or someone else wants to know about how the teacher is planning their lessons, they can do so with the help of the daily lesson planner.

Daily lesson planners are useful and need to be created in such a way that they are clear and can be consulted easily. Only information that is important should be stated. It should be done precisely and simply.

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