Teacher Photo ID Badges

School/University Photo ID Badges

The schools/universities issue the photo ID card to its teachers/professors for the purpose of identification. The information about teachers such as name, DOB, department of teaching, recent photograph and lots of other details are added to the school photo ID badge. In school timing, every member of the school staff is bound to wear the ID card mostly hanging their neck so that it can stay with them all the time.

Why is photo ID card used?

A school photo ID badge is a verification tool which is used to verify that the particular person is working in that school. It is the job of security faculty of the school to check if the ID card and ID card holder are authentic. It is the school ID card which is checked by the security before it can allow the person to enter the school’s premises.

Benefits of wearing ID card:

  1. Wearing school ID card gives the person a sense of belonging since this card is issued to only those people who have been selected to work in the Institute. When they feel that they are the part of the institute, they feel much good, and it makes them perform better.
  2. Most of the educational institutes use the ID cards for keeping track of the time of the employee at which he enters or leaves the school.
  3. In the case of any theft or misshapen, the ID card holder can be guided and helped.

Details of the ID card:

The details that are used for the ID card in a school are:

  1. Name
  2. Photograph of the card holder
  3. Nationality
  4. Contact address
  5. Blood group
  6. A unique ID card number
  7. Date of birth

School ID card template is available on this website that is easily accessible. The pre-made ID badge templates not only save your time but it also enables you to get a clear idea of how an ID card should look like. You can change the details on the card as required. If the template available does not work for you, you can prepare a new ID card on this website from scratch.

Preview and Detail of Templates

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