Exit Ticket Templates

An Exit Ticket is helpful for a teacher. It is a good way to end some classes. This ticket serves different purposes.

What is an Exit Ticket?

An Exit Ticket gives feedback to teachers about the concerned class. With this, the students do some synthesis about the day’s content. It can challenge students with a question that requires the application of the things learned in the class.

The question should only take a small amount of time to respond to. It is not a huge task, but a quick summary. Responses are not formal assessments but can give good feedback to the teacher. This template, therefore, needs to be created simply so that the teacher can quickly read the responses without wasting valuable time.

How do I create an Exit Ticket Template?

  • Simple: The Exit Ticket should be made in a simple way so that it is not confusing to read.
  • Heading: At the top of the template, the heading can be given, such as “Classroom Exit Ticket.”
  • Name, date: The name of the student and date can be stated at the top of the Exit Ticket.
  • Table: The Exit Ticket may be created in a table format, allowing it to be quick and easy to fill in by the students.
  • Illustrations: To make the Exit Ticket more exciting, illustrations can be used. For instance, an eye can be drawn to the question of “what I saw today,” etc. Other illustrations can be used in appropriate places to make the template fun.

Questions that can be asked?

Different questions can be asked. Mainly, students need to be asked about what they learned, things they found interesting, and questions that they still have. Some ideas for questions include:

  • State one thing that you learned in the class today.
  • Tell me what you think got accomplished with the group activity today.
  • Ask a question about what you found confusing in today’s lesson.
  • What objectives were obtained in the lesson according to the objectives given at the start of the lesson?
  • Were the goals of the lesson reached?
  • Was the use of the blackboard helpful in understanding the lesson?
  • Which readings were most helpful for the lesson?

From these questions, you can see that questions concerning what happened in the lesson need to be asked.

Space for students to fill in responses: A clear space must be present where students can fill in the questions that have been asked. Underneath each question concerned, there should be space to fill in what has been asked.

Advantages of the Exit Ticket Templates:

The Exit Ticket Template has some advantages, such as:

  • Allows the teacher to know which students were concentrating in class
  • Let the teacher know whether their teaching style is helpful to students or not
  • Allows the students to communicate what they learned and felt about the lesson

Exit Ticket Templates are helpful to students and teachers. They need to be answered quickly and so should be made in a simple way. Simple and straightforward words, as well as sentences, should be used.

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