Absence Excuse Letter for Attending College Class

An excuse is an explanation to the principal or a teacher of the college in a written form that states that the individual was/is unable to attend college due to some problems. This letter is a document from a student of a college who wants to be excused from staying absent from the college. 

Why is it important to write an excuse letter for being absent from college class?

Educational institutes generally follow some policies regarding the attendance of students, especially at the college level. Students in college are usually more careless than school-going students as they are adults and have more distractions. In addition, college students often start jobs and this makes it difficult for them to show up in the classroom.

So, if you are a student who doesn’t usually miss class and missing a few classes makes it difficult for you to survive in college, the only thing that can save you in this situation without the involvement of your guardians is an excuse letter. 

What does an excuse letter in a college do?

The basic purpose of the excuse letter is to let the teacher or the principal of the college know that the student who is writing this letter has a genuine and solid reason to skip the college classes and therefore, he/she should be excused for being absent. 

A student needs to prove that the reason he had was concrete. For this, a student can also attach evidence with the letter. 

Colleges that have a strict policy for students to have a specific percentage of attendance in an academic period require students to write an excuse letter if they want to be promoted to the next semester or class. 

What information should be provided in the excuse letter?

In the excuse letter, a college student is supposed to provide all the details that he needs to be forgiven by the college. Following are some common details that you might see in almost every excuse letter. 

A statement of excuse:

Start the letter with a statement of excuse and ask the reader to excuse you because you remained absent from college. Mention how many days you remained absent to prove that you know what you have done.

Give justification for your absentees:

Let the reader know that you were absent from college because of a genuine reason. Provide the reason in a few lines and don’t try to give long details. 

Ressuare that it will not happen again:

The head of the institute should know that you are aware of the mistake and the policy of the college regarding the absence of the students. For this purpose, reassure them that you want to be excused this time, and next time, you will follow the right procedure to go on leave. 

Give your details:

The student should mention the name of the class, the program in which he or she is enrolled, roll number, section name, name of the campus (if applicable), and all other details that can help him/her get identified easily. 

Read the sample letter given below for a better understanding of how an excuse letter at a college level is written.   

Sample excuse letter:



The principal, 

ABC College, 

Subject: Excuse letter of absence from college

Respected sir, 

With due respect, it is request that please excuse me for being absent from college for three consecutive days. I had a very high fever and headache and I couldn’t come to college and take classes. Therefore, I remained absent from college for three days. 

I am attaching my medical certificate with this letter so that I can prove that my sickness was the reason for my absence. It is humbly request you to please excuse me this time as I assure you that I will not repeat this kind of mistake and will always go on leave after getting your approval. 

I shall be very grateful to you for this act of kindness. I look forward to your response. 


Name of the student, 



Roll number 


Absence Excuse Letter for Attending College Class

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