10 Best MS Word ID Cards for Office Employees

Photo ID Card Designs

Photo ID cards have become a major part of every organization when it comes to implementing security measures. The ID cards with a photo of the cardholder make it easier for others to identify the cardholder.

These days, the use of photo ID cards is not confined to the identification of individuals only. The organizations are also using these cards for controlling access and tracking the attendance of employees. A perfect kind of photo ID card can be created according to the needs of the organization. Here are few best designs one can choose from.


Employee id card template


This is a photo ID card with a vertical design that enables the user to input the details more appropriately. This design has a complete professional look. Many businesses would love to use this card design while creating photo ID card for their employees. Employees can wear this card in their neck that hangs vertically.





ID Card template


This card design is intended to provide as much detail about the cardholder as possible. The photograph of cardholder and information about him beneath the photo makes the card extraordinary. It is one of the best designs to be used in an organization where the photo of the employee as well as other details has significant importance.




Employee id card sample


This photo id card design has a unique look with a catchy background of grey in color which dark grey and blue colored text on it. The card has a design in the background that can be seen from sides. It is best to be used by the organizations giving more importance to name and photo of the employee.




ID badge sample for Employees


A photo ID card with vibrant color and design in the background is best for people who want to bring some uniqueness in everything they do. This card includes a logo at the top that makes it easy to identify from which organization the employee belongs to.



Sample id badge design for Employees


Black and white customizable photo ID cards are still very common. This is another card with a bit common but attractive design that has included shades of a blue color as well. This card design template enables the user to add the name of the business and logo into the card to make it appropriate to be used.



Id badge design sample

This is another photo ID card with horizontal orientation. Although the design is traditional, it is very attractive since the background of the card has a hue of dark and light color.



Sample Employee id badge design

This is another template of photo ID card that has a decent light color combination with a simple and elegant design. This design is best to be used by hospital staff. It allows the user to add the logo of the company and some other detail along with the picture.



Employee id card design sample

The combination of blue and white makes this card highly attractive. This customizable template also allows the user to change the color combination according to his choice. The boundaries of the card are also well-identified in it.



Id badge templates

A beautiful design of the contrast of purple and yellow imparts a professional look to the template. People needing simple and unique ID card can download this template.


Id card templates

This is a colorful template that collects many details about the cardholder. This template includes name, sex, and height of the cardholder.