Writing Company for an Accommodation

It can be expensive to rent an apartment or home in a place close to where you work. If your home is far from your workplace, you will be looking for accommodations that will allow you to commute easily to work. You can write an accommodation request letter to the company, asking them to help you get accommodations.

What is it writing to the company for accommodation?

An accommodation request letter to a company is a business request letter that an employee will write to his boss, letting them know about complications that they have and the need for accommodation. Sometimes companies do not hire individuals who come from faraway areas, keeping in mind that they will ask for accommodation. Contrary to that, if an employee is hired for some reason, the companies are ready to offer them an accommodation. Therefore, you may be eligible for free accommodations that you can request by writing a letter to the company.

How important it is to write to the company?

One can lose their job if the workplace is far away. Different issues can arise, like being late to work, for instance. You may get stressed out due to having to travel too much. If this is the case, you can write an accommodation request letter to the company. You will be asking the manager to arrange some accommodations for you. With the help of the letter, you can do this formally, stating the reasons why you need accommodation.

The employee needing accommodations will probably write this request letter to the company. It will be the employees who stay far away and find it tough getting to work and going home daily. The employee can clearly and briefly explain why they need accommodation. They should convince the reader to provide this to them.

How to write an accommodation request letter to the company?

If you need to write an accommodation request letter to the company and do not know how to do this, you can consider the following points:

Keep it formal:

You must show your professionalism and concern for your job when writing the letter. You must be able to convince the reader that you have a solid reason why they should provide you with the accommodations you are looking for. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors in the letter, and keep the letter simple and to the point.

Introduce yourself and make a formal request:

You need to briefly introduce yourself to let the boss know who you are. Write down your employment details so that the office can know about you. The boss can check your file to see if they should approve your request when they know who you are. You can then make a formal request that should be simple. If the company has a policy to arrange residence for people who are not able to afford it, state the policy so that your request can be more valid.

Reasons for the request:

You must write in such a way that you can convince your boss to consider your request positively. After reading the request, the employer should want to give you accommodations. They should know what the reasons are for your putting forward this request. If you have valid reasons, the request may be approved, and you will get the accommodation. Look for solid and concrete reasons that the employer will agree to.

For example, you may be requesting accommodation because you are an immigrant and do not have a proper residence at the moment. The reasons you give should be truthful. You can provide evidence with these so that the reasons are taken seriously.

End professionally:

The complete letter needs to be written in a professional format. You should start with the date and details of the recipient. You can add a subject line to let the reader know what the letter is about. Address the reader with “Dear” and then their name. The letter must end with a request to respond. You can provide your contact information so the boss can reach you. End with something like “Regards” and the name and signature of the employee.

You can download a template for an accommodation request letter to the company if you are confused about how to write it professionally.



I am writing to formally request your assistance in providing accommodation as I relocate to the company’s new branch in New York. As you know, I am in the process of relocating to the new office within a month. I want to discuss the accommodation arrangements that are part of my employment package.

I would like to make finding a family-friendly place to live my top priority. I kindly request the company’s assistance in locating a suitable home that is not only close to the new office but also secure, spacious, and close to facilities like hospitals and schools.

I hope that with your support, I will be able to find the ideal accommodation soon. I look forward to your guidance and assistance.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


I am writing to discuss the accommodation provision included in my new package following my recent request for your assistance in finding a residence that is within the allocated budget and also meets my specific needs.

Ideally, I am looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in a safe and family-friendly neighborhood. It would be beneficial if the apartment included basic facilities such as a well-equipped kitchen and secure parking. Proximity to the office and accessibility to public transport are also factors that I consider important.

I look forward to your assistance. Thank you for your support.