New Manager Introduction Letter to Tenant

A property manager is a person who is hired by the owner of the property to oversee the day-to-day tasks and operations of the property. When the process of property management gets too complicated and the owner of the property finds it hard to deal with it, they hire someone who can manage their property. 

When the employment contract for the manager ends and another person is hired to work as a manager, it is very important to let the occupants of the real estate know about the decision of the landlord. 

People usually have to deal with the managers, and when the manager changes, they should be informed about it so that there is no confusion.

Who writes the new manager’s introduction letter to the tenant?

Generally, the manager himself writes this letter to introduce himself to the occupants of the house. The purpose of this letter is not just to inform the occupants about the change in management but also to let them know what changes they can expect now.

In some cases, the owner of the property also writes the letter to the occupants because the occupants believe more in the words of the landlord than any other person.

The main parts of the letter

When a person has to write an introduction letter, he often feels overwhelmed because he does not know what to include in the letter, so the tenant gets every important detail. The following are the main parts of the introduction letter:

Start the letter by giving the personal details:

The manager of the property should let the residents know about his name, phone number, email address, physical address, name of the company, and some other details in the first part of the letter. These details are for the tenant, who can easily use them to trace the manager and ensure that they have received the letter from a legitimate person.

The subject of the letter is:

Many people ignore the letter if it doesn’t have a subject. Another reason to ignore a letter is an inappropriate subject. Make sure that the subject is relevant to the body of the letter and mentioned briefly.

Introduction of the Manager:

Now that the residents of the real estate know much about the manager, it is important to let them know about the background of the management and the date from which they have been associated with the landlord. The manager can discuss anything about himself that he thinks is important for the renter to know about.

Expected changes in the management:

When there is a change in the manager position, there are also some changes expected in the management of the property that directly affect the occupants of that property. The introduction letter should include those changes. If the changes have not been decided yet, the manager can ask them to hold on until the changes are communicated through another letter from the management of the company. 

Willingness to guide the renter:

Some renters have so many questions to ask when they come to know about the change in management. The manager should encourage them to contact him to ask anything and discuss their issues with them so that they can live comfortably in the property being managed by the new manager. 

Demonstration of the commitment:

Managers are committed to showing a sense of responsibility and commitment to the occupants of the real estate that they expect. Many people start to feel insecure when they come to know about the change in management. So, they should be told that they will be able to live in a peaceful environment and no one will disturb them unnecessarily as per the commitment of the company with them.    

The bottom line:

When a manager can write a letter that has a positive tone and conveys information that reduces the anxiety of the tenant who is worried because of the change in the management, it builds a strong relationship of trust between them. Furthermore, it also helps both of them to get along with each other. 

(Short Format)


(Name of Manager)


Dear Tenants,

I am writing to introduce myself to you as the new manager of the premises that you are renting. Your present lease and payment terms will remain the same. But, all payments will need to be delivered to the address given at the top of the letter. If there are any questions or queries that you have about the property, rent, or any maintenance requests, you can contact me at (give contact details).


(Name of Sender)

New Manager Introduction Letter to Tenant

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