Complaint Letter to Principal about School Canteen

The canteen of the school or college is a place that provides various food items to students and teaching staff. The staff of the canteen needs to ensure that the food is of high quality and is prepared with the best hygienic practices.

Consuming unhygienic food can have severe consequences on the health of the students. This can also ruin the reputation of an institute. In addition, it is a basic right of a student to have access to hygienic and high-quality food in the school.

What is a complaint letter to the principal about the school canteen?

A complaint letter is usually written to the head of the school to let him know that the staff of the canteen has not been honestly performing its duties and there is a need to keep check and balance on it. In addition, the provision of high-quality food becomes possible as a result of the complaint letter.

Why is it important to write about your dissatisfaction?

When you write a letter to express your grievance, you let the principal of the school know about the condition of the cafeteria. The head of the school may not know about the cafeteria’s poor quality food unless you write a complaint letter.

When you speak up about the dirty canteen, you show concern for the health of all those people who visit the cafeteria and have their meal. So, you save everyone from the unhealthy food and toxic cafeteria staff that becomes the cause of dissatisfaction for many people.

Tips for writing a complaint about the canteen:

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  1. A complaint letter should always circulate the problems you are facing when you visit the canteen and write it in such a way that the reader can feel that you are not taking it personally
  2. You can use bullet points to make every point clear to the principal
  3. Try to make sure that the flow of the information you are sharing through this letter is maintained and coherence can be seen in it because it makes the letter more readable
  4. Make sure that remain respectful even when you are talking about something you greatly detest about the canteen of the college

Here is a sample letter that you can read and get an understanding of how you can express your happiness while you are writing to the head of the institute:

Sample letter


Sender’s name:
Address of the sender:

Subject: Complaint against the canteen

Respected sir,

I hope this letter finds you in high spirits. I am ____________ [your name], studying in grade 8 in section C. I am writing this to bring an important issue to your attention. I believe it is essential for everyone to address the issue of food in the cafeteria because it can have a severe impact on the health and well-being of the students.

I appreciate the fact that the administration of the school is putting efforts into providing a cafeteria facility which is a great place to sit and have discussions about life. However, there are some issues faced by persistent students.

The canteen’s staff is not following standard procedures for preparing and serving the food. The unsanitary condition of the kitchen is daunting. The canteen staff pays no heed to the students’ complaints and puts the students’ health and lives at risk. There is a need to have some practice to clean the kitchen and the entire sitting area thoroughly.

Furthermore, the food is not being sold to students at the standard price set in the market. The prices are exorbitant. Students usually have a limited budget due to this, they are unable to afford to purchase things at such high prices.

I hope this complaint letter will help you improve the overall quality of the food and the canteen. I urge you to take some action to resolve all the issues of the students. I am grateful to you for your attention to this matter.


Name of the sender

Complaint Letter to Principal about School Canteen

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