Warning Letter to Contractor for Non-Compliance

When we employ a contractor to get his/her services, the last thing we expect is to get the best service from them. Sometimes, the contractor shows negligence in the work that can be overlooked. However, if this negligence and carelessness become the habit and routine work of the contractor, it really affects the client.

The client after being affected by the non-compliance of the contractor can decide to write a warning letter to the contractor.

No matter it is a personal matter or a commercial one for which the contractor has been hired; the services to be provided to the client should never be compromised by the contractor.

When the carelessness of the contractor becomes impossible to bear, a need for writing a warning letter to the contractor for non-compliance arises.

What is the purpose of writing the warning letter to the contractor?

The main purpose of writing this letter is to let the contractor realize that providing good services is his responsibility and he is legally bound to do so.

How to write a warning letter?

  1. The letter should be started with a statement stating that this letter should be considered a warning letter by the client.
  2. It should clearly describe that the contractor is not conducting his services well due to which the client is facing problems.
  3. The type of non-compliance shown by the contractor should also be clearly described with the specifics.
  4. The letter should be ended in such a way that it can give a message to the contractor to get back on track.

Tips to write non-compliance warning letter:

  1. Use simple language
  2. Keep the letter to the point
  3. Get your point to the contractor in a diplomatic
  4. The letter should state everything in a strong manner
  5. Make sure that you are not getting rude while writing this letter. The contractor should not get annoyed by this letter.
  6. Ask him to take this letter seriously and improve the performance
  7. Tell the reader about the consequences of continuing the non-compliance.

Sample Letter

Dear Robert,

Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather.

I hope work is treating you well. The last time we met, I advised you to keep yourself updated with the market standards, rules, and regulations. This will improve your performance at work and save you from any type of breach of contract.

When I started this business, I knew it will take a lot of perseverance and attention to detail. I inspected the materials sent from you yesterday. I am sorry to say that I am not happy with the quality of the materials you have been using. I reviewed our contract which states the materials clearly. Hence, you are in a breach of the contract. As I have worked for years with you, I would like to warn you to avoid this practice. Non-compliance is a breach of the contract and can be legally challenged. Please make a note of this and I expect you will not repeat this mistake in future.

With thanks


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Warning Letter to Contractor for Non-Compliance

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More Samples


Dear Lewis, this letter serves as a warning for your non-compliance with the company’s rules. In our last meeting, I asked you to review the recent updates in marketing. Its purpose was to provide you with extensive work details so may we have no hindrance in project completion. The project we had started required a lot of attention and supervision.

I received the items that you sent on [mention date] and got heart wrenched that you were using B-grade material. The quality was very low and it did not satisfy me at all. You should have read the contract before purchasing any item that clearly states that you will use the best quality items.

You are violating our set terms and conditions. I do not want to end on bad terms with you and therefore warn you to not breach the contract. I can take the matter to court and can challenge you if you do not avoid this.


Dear Louis, I am writing this to warn you about not adhering to the terms mentioned in our agreed contract. You are violating the rules continuously and this is the right time to warn you strictly. On [mention date] I sent you a notice for non-compliance with the rules. The note was about not working under safety measures and you were reminded to correct it.

Despite many notifications, you failed to work following the agreement. You are therefore warned that any negligence next time will bear severe consequences.


I am sorry to bring to your notice that due to non-compliance with work rules, we cannot continue working with you. You need to learn professional mannerisms as non-seriousness is leading the contract on the verge of destruction. You were sent many reminders but each time you ignored them.

I am writing this message after much dissatisfaction and I hope you will comply yourself to contract rules. Contact violation will not be acceptable no matter what reason it is. I hope you will take this warning message seriously and will cooperate with us.


Please consider this message as a warning as you are accused of violating our agreement terms. It was mentioned clearly in the contract that wrongdoing will not be tolerated. I came to know that for the past few months, you have been sending us poor quality products. This has happened not the first time as I have been receiving these complaints for a long. Due to this, our sales profit was worst than ever and the core reason for it was your non-compliance with the rules. This letter serves as a last warning to not repeat such a mistake again.