Warning Letter to Contractor for Delay of Work

The use of warning letters is very sensitive. It is written by anyone when it is most needed. If someone has signed a contract with an agreement and it binds the contractor to provide his services and work that person must pay the contractor for the services he provides.

There are some conditions when the client faces serious problems regarding the work that the contractor is to be done. In such a condition, the client can write a warning letter to the contractor.

The purpose of writing a warning letter when the contractor is delaying the work is to ask the contractor to speed up his work. If there was a deadline for the project, ask the contractor to complete the work before the specified deadline.

How to write a warning letter to a contractor?

The letter should be started by informing the contractor about the loss you are facing due to the slow work of the contractor. Also, write down the consequences if the contractor will continue delaying the work.

Although the contractor already knows about the deadline as it was mentioned in the written contract signed between him and the client, it can be mentioned again in the warning letter to remind him.

It should be stated in the letter that the contract with the contractor can be terminated in case the contractor does not speed up his work. The contractor should be asked to consider this letter as a warning letter from the client.

He should also be informed that the client will not be able to start a new project with him because of poor performance.

Tips to write the warning letter:

It is very important to send a well-written warning letter to the contractor so that he will take it seriously. Here are a few tips that can help you write a professional-looking warning letter.

  1. Keep the tone of the letter formal.
  2. Make sure that there is no grammatical mistake in the letter.
  3. Keep the letter to the point.
  4. Although it is a warning letter, don’t get rude to the contractor.

Sample Letter

Dear Arthur,

It seems like you are keeping really busy these days.

I have been calling you for the last two days, but it rings out. I was planning to come and see you due to the seriousness of the matter. You know how our business runs. I have been giving you the construction contracts due to the quality of your work. And most importantly, you have been completing your work before the deadlines. This has built my confidence in you.

However, I am disappointed with your performance this time. You must be aware of the terms we work on. Any delays caused by you will affect my deliverability as well. If the matter was only about the delay, I could have tolerated that. It is not just the delay in work, but you did not inform me regarding this delay in advance. Please take this as my last warning and try to cope with all the timelines as mentioned in the contract.



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Warning Letter to Contractor for Delay of Work

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More Samples


This letter is to warn you of the delay in work going on the ABC Construction project. I am disappointed in letting you know that you are delaying it intentionally and it is affecting the overall project.

Our company is on the verge of losing its set goals. If you continue working at the same pace then it would be difficult for us to focus on new work. We have to start a new project before [mention date] but your laziness will end in a loss for the company.

You were reminded over and over again to put all your energy into accomplishing the ABC project but you took it lightly. This is my last warning message to you that legal action will be taken if you do not speed up your work.


I am letting you know with this message that our due date for project completion is around the corner. I have observed that more than half of the work is still needed to be done. This is a matter of serious concern as you are letting it be delayed without any reason. I have also noticed that you are not equipped with the necessary sources required for this work.

To accomplish the project before the deadline you need to expand your workers. You need to ponder over the matter as I cannot bear any loss because of your negligence. Failure to comply with the signed deal you will be dealt with strictly.


I am very disappointed in writing this message as you are not responding to any of my calls. This message serves as a warning for not completing the sanitary work in the office on time. I was greatly impressed with your work perfectly as I had heard a lot about you. All my expectations vanished when you did not satisfy me and forced me to write you a warning note.

You were required to accomplish the work before [mention date]. The due date is approaching soon and you are out of the scene. We have a meeting with international clients and before it I want my office work done. You should have known the work etiquette.

You did not even provide me with the reason for doing so. You cannot breach the contract according to the terms and conditions. I need an immediate response from you and any negligence will not be tolerated.


This message serves to discuss an important matter with you regarding non-compliance with project completion. You are expected to behave professionally and remain adhere to quality standards but you have disgruntled me.

I have been informed that you are extending the work days while the deadline is approaching soon. This will result in disruption, vexation, and extra costs and the work quality is not as it was expected.

There have been observed many errors in your work and you did not ask about the changes you made in it. This behavior is not acceptable at all and it will put a bad impact on the company’s progress. You are therefore warned to remain stick to the policies and let it finish before [mention date].