Explanation Letter for Child’s Absence from School

It is not something easy to write an explanation letter for the absence of a child from school. You are required to write a strong and impactful explanation letter.

This letter is either written to the teacher or principal of the institute. The absence of students from class is not bearable for most of the institutes.

Institutes ask for an explanation when the child is absent from school without sending leave. If the student remains absent from class for many days without getting permission, he is required to write an explanation letter to explain the reason for staying absent from class.

Tips for writing the explanation letter:

  1. Keep the letter short. The explanation does not mean long details. You are required to provide a precise and to-the-point explanation that can deliver the full meaning.
  2. Write the reason for the child’s absence in clear words. Make sure there is no ambiguity in the reason given by you. Write the reasons very politely especially when you are going to share your personal reasons.
  3. Make sure that you have written the explanation letter properly. An improper explanation letter may lead to miscommunication.

How to write the explanation letter?

  1. Start the letter with the description without glorifying the facts.
  2. State that you know the child has missed some important lectures and you are really concerned about it. Tell the reader that you will compensate for the loss of the child’s studies.
  3. Explain the solution to the problem.
  4. End the letter with the hope that the teacher will listen to your problem and will put possible efforts into rectifying the problem.

It is not necessary that the parents of the child should write this explanation letter. This letter can be written by the child. The relevant documents should also be attached to the letter.

For example, if your explanation is about your sickness, attach the medical certificate with the letter. This certificate will be attached to the letter in support of your explanation for being absent from the school.

Sample Letters


I hope you find this letter helpful. I intended to meet you for a long time, but due to my busy schedule, I could not make it. This letter serves the purpose of Surrel’s five-day absence, as his final tournament is happening on [mention date]. She had to go for daily practice, and amidst all this, she met with a small accident. While playing, the ball hit her on the head, which resulted in five stitches on the head.

The doctors advised her to rest for five days to get back to normal health. She has refrained from avoiding practices, and for this reason, she could not attend school. I am sorry again that I could not let you know about it sooner. 


Dear Sir, I am Kenneth Louis, the father of Margret, who is a student in class 9 at your school. She could not attend school last week due to her grandmother’s death. My mother lived in Hampshire and we stayed there for a few days. I got a sudden call from my brother that, in a road accident, my mother had died. In a hurry, and forgot to inform you. I apologize for my unethical conduct, but I will make her revise the entire syllabus.  


I am writing this letter for my son Edward, who studies in 8th grade. I am extremely sorry that I did not bring to your attention his absence. I know that by doing so, your school’s policies have been violated. We remained busy due to Edward’s illness that we did not think about anything else.

He had become a victim of a serious bacterial infection that hardly affected his immune system. He was kept on a high medicine doze. Doctors have declared him healthy, but this infection has made him so weak that he cannot come to school. I hope you will apologize to him. 


I am writing this letter with due respect and beg my pardon for not letting you know of Louis’s absence from college. Unfortunately, such a situation has arisen that he cannot come. We had to leave for Greenwich to attend to my ailing brother, who was taking his last breath. His family lives in South Hampton, so he was alone in the hospital.

I immediately rushed there and attended to him for a few days. On [mention date], we came back again. This is the sole reason he has remained absent from school. I expect forgiveness from you, and I hope you will accept this explanation. 


Dear Sir, I am sorry that I could not inform you timely of the reason for David’s remaining absence from school. We all had moved to New Jersey for my niece’s wedding, where he overate. On the way back home, he vomited, and his condition got worse. After being admitted to the hospital, doctors told me that his stomach would be washed. I was in so much tension that I completely forgot to inform you. I hope you will have an idea of his health after this message and will allow him to sit in the class.


Dear Ms. Cabin,

How are you?

I hope you will be doing great at school. It has been long since I had a meeting with you. I am writing this letter to you regarding Emily’s absence from school. As you know, she is much occupied in the evenings with her tennis classes. And this year, she will be playing at the interstate level, which I find a big achievement for her age.

During her practice session on Monday, she got a very bad knee injury. We had to rush her to the doctor instantly. We are glad that she did not suffer a fracture but only a muscle strain. The doctor has advised her to avoid any physical activities. So, I decided to not send her to school for a few days. She is recovering very well and will be back to school soon.

With thanks

Mrs. Maroney

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