Final Warning Letters for Absenteeism

Every organization has its own rules and regulations to follow. These rules are sometimes included in the contract signed between the employee and the employer. Some people don’t behave professionally in their job and break the rules. Such employees are handled by writing them the warning letter.

One of the most important rules implemented in every organization is the rule about absenteeism. The employees are asked to get permission prior to their absentee.

When the employee’s absenteeism is chronic, there are several steps that every organization takes to reduce absenteeism. The organization can issue verbal or written warning to the employee.

Before the final warning letter is written, it should be kept in mind that many absentees are due to serious illness or some major personal problems.

The sensitivity of the matter should be considered before writing this letter. You can meet the employee in person and can ask him about the potential reasons for absenteeism.

The final warning letter is a very important document which is issued to employees who don’t follow the disciplinary rules of the company. Writing the final warning letter is one of the most common disciplinary actions taken by the employer.

The employer may not be happy with writing this letter if the employee has been working with the company for many years. In such situation, the employer must choose the wording of the letter very carefully.

How to write the final warning letter?

  1. It can be a very tricky task to write the final warning letter.
  2. The letter should clearly explain that the absenteeism of the employee is not acceptable.
  3. It should also be written very clearly that the employee has violated the rules of the company.
  4. The letter should clearly describe the employee that it is a warning letter that can lead to termination of the employee if the absenteeism continues.
  5. You can also attach the timesheet with the warning letter if necessary.
  6. End the letter by telling the employee that failure to follow the policies of the company can cause employee’s termination.

Final Warning Letter to Student for Absenteeism

Dear Mrs. Stephen,

Final Warning Letter to Student for AbsenteeismI hope you are doing well.

I was waiting to hear from you. You did not even attend the parents meeting last week. So, I decided to get in touch with you myself.

Mark has been a wonderful student and one of my most favorite. He was really doing well in studies and extra-curricular activities. I always give his example to all other students. But recently, I noticed his lack of interest in studies. As a teacher, I thought he might need some time. I was trying to counsel him as well. After the counseling, I was expecting to see an improvement in his behavior. Instead, he has stopped showing up at school.

This has left me very concerned. It has been two weeks since he is absent. I did not hear from him or anyone regarding his absence. As you know we have some policies to abide by and this is my final warning. Please make sure to send Mark back to school as soon as possible. Download

With thanks


Final Warning Letter for Absenteeism to an employee

Dear Mark,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your health.

We have been trying to reach you by phone and emails. I have personally dropped texts as well but I am still not able to hear back from you. Monday morning Maddie informed me that you are not at work and that no one knows about your absence. I confirmed from the HR that you did not submit a leave as well.

Everyone tried to contact you, but there was no response from you whatsoever. This was very unprofessional. You haven’t shown up at work after that. This is not only against the company policies but also a loss of work on our part. I am writing this letter as a final warning to you. If you continue to be absent from work further, we will be terminating your employment without any notice.

With thanks


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Final Warning Letter to an employee for Absenteeism


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