Sick Leave Letter to Class Teacher

What is sick leave?

A sick leave is a formal document which is needed in order to get permission to be absent from the class. This leave is usually written by the student or the parents of students. Applicant formally informs the teacher about his absence.

The letter can be written by addressing either class teacher or the principal of the institute. The purpose of writing the sick leave is to provide a solid reason for child’s absence from the class.

The dates on which the child will be absent are specified in the leave. Sometimes, the student first gets the verbal leave and then sends the written sick leave.

Tips for writing sick leave to teacher:

  1. The leave should be started with the proper salutation. Keep in mind that your teacher is very respectable for you and you have to show complete respect in this leave. If you are writing the leave to your child’s teacher, show the gratitude towards him/her.
  2. Write the leave in very polite and humble tone since you are writing to ask for the permission to get leave because of sickness.
  3. Make sure that you write the leave in a formal tone.
  4. The dates of leave should be specified in the leave.
  5. Make sure that there is no grammatical mistake in the application for sickness.
  6. The explanation of sickness should be given in the leave.
  7. Mention your class name, subject name your registration number, contact details and a lot more so that teacher can easily identify you.

Writing sick leave to the teacher is mandatory for students in some institutes. Every student in the class is required to follow the class rules. Following the rules maintains discipline in the institute.

Attendance of a student plays a major role in his performance. Due to this, many institutes demand full attendance of the student. A student may not be able to appear in the exam if his attendance is short. If the student is absent for a genuine reason, he can get the permission of leave.


Sample Letter

Dear Miss Megan,

Hope you are doing great.

I am really missing school these days. I am writing this letter to inform you regarding my health. I have been suffering from severe fever and cold. During the seasonal transitions, I always fall sick. I try to take precautions to avoid illness, but it hardly helps me. I know it is almost the end of the term and a very important time to be present at school.

I have seen the doctor, who has suggested me to take proper bed rest and medication. I have recovered and improved a lot. But even then I will need a week’s time to return to school. I have been in touch with my classmates. I have started to catch up on the syllabus covered in the classes. I will also make sure to submit my assignments on time.

Thank you so much for being a wonderful teacher and granting me leave.

With thanks


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Sick leave letter to class teacher


Sample Letter Template

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