Employee Suspension Letters

Suspending an employee is not as easy as it sounds. For most employers, it can be a very daunting process. You just found out that one of your employees was smoking in the office which is a violation of the company’s rules and regulations. It can be a reason to suspend the employee.

Suspension policies are mostly contained in employment contracts. Different companies have different suspension policies. As the employees are suspended without any notice at all, they are paid for the time worked. The suspension is different than termination. In case of suspension, if the employer investigates and finds that the employee is innocent, he can cancel the suspension and reinstate the employee.

A suspension letter is a document that is given to an employee in case some serious violation(s) have been committed by the employee. The letter states the temporary termination of the employee until the final investigation is carried out to prove the allegation.

The most common way to suspend an employee is by providing them a written letter. While the employee is asked to stay out of work the employer conducts the investigation for the time being. The suspension letter also states if the employee will be paid as per the terms & conditions signed by both the employer and the employee.

It is also a good practice to include the suspension period in the letter. The suspended employee along with the witnesses can be interviewed during this period. Once, the investigations are completed, the employee can be brought back, or he can be terminated by providing a termination letter.

Suspension Letter to an employee for fighting with the manager

Dear John,

Hope you are doing well.

I wanted to speak to you personally, but my workload did not allow me to have a one-to-one meeting with you. I have been counseling you for months, but it seems like it has no effect on you. You are a wonderful person with just a bad temper problem. You are doing well in your job but every time your temper comes in between.

If you do not change your attitude, this will put you in a lot of trouble. I recently found out that you have been in a fight with your manager [NAME HERE]. This is not the way to go about it if you have problems with people at work. You must follow the necessary disciplinary policies. If something is really disturbing you, the best way is to speak to your seniors. Based on your behavior, I have taken the decision to suspend you for a week. I want you to use this time to analyze yourself and bring improvement to your personality.



Suspension Letter to an employee for fighting with the manager

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Suspension Letter to an employee for poor performance

Dear Jack,

I hope you had a great weekend.

It’s been long since I met you at work. March is always a busy month for us. With regular operations, we even must look after the appraisal process. I have worked closely with you for the last five years. I have always appreciated your hard work and commitment.

I have been warning and advising you regarding your poor performance. But I did not see any improvement. We have provided you with KPIs and targets to achieve. You are not even close to your targets. You should have bought this up during our monthly meeting, but I never heard a word from you.

Keeping in view your poor performance for the said period I am suspending you from the position [MENTION] for [X] days. The matter will be investigated and you will be asked to hear back from us in [X] days. Take your time to revise your strength otherwise, some disciplinary action will be considered to terminate your employment.

Suspension Letter to an employee for poor performance

Letter Size 46 Kb