Warning Letter Samples for Outstanding Payment


This is a warning letter sent to you for your outstanding payment. You have been in association with us for a long time and always made payments on time. I am very disappointed this time due to your negligent behavior. I want to maintain this customer and seller relationship and therefore you are requested to clear the dues till [mention date]. I do not want to go for any above-board action and want to go on good terms with you. You have already missed two target dates and the last deadline is approaching soon. Do not ignore this warning message and please pay the full amount timely.


Please be informed that there is some payment due on you for March and April. I have sent many gentle cues to you but you did not respond to me. As per our agreed terms and policies, on [mention date], you purchased two dozen products. Two months have passed but you did not pay the amount. You are violating the agreement’s rules. If you do not want to take any legal action against you, then credit the amount in our mentioned accounts. Any corroboration in this regard will be highly appraised.


This letter serves as a warning as you are not letting us know the exact date of making the outstanding payment. You were supposed to pay 30,000$ till [mention date], but you breached the contract. Our accounts manager tried to approach you but you did not respond to him. All this has led to taking strict action against you. I am giving you a last warning and this time if you fail to meet the deadline then get ready for legal action. If you want to avoid any such fuss, then please make the payment by [mention date]. I hope you will take the warning seriously.


I want you to consider this letter a last warning for overdue payment. You were supposed to make the payment on [mention date] after giving two extensions. The total amount that needs to be paid is 12,000$. If it is difficult for you to make the full payment then you can visit our official website for the flexible installment policy. We will cooperate with you in this regard. If you fail to meet the next deadline, then the matter will be handed over by the court.


Dear George, please be informed that you have outstanding payments due on you since January 202X. You were given three months to pay it in installments but you did not make even a single installment. I was not expecting this non-seriousness from you. This message is an official warning to you to pay the dues within five working days. Failure to meet the deadline will not be good in your favor.


I am writing this message to you as a final warning as there is a due payment on your side. Our team tried to contact you so many times, but each time you made false excuses to delay the payment. Please make the payment before [mention date] to avoid any legal proceedings.

Warning letter sample for outstanding payment