Letter Transferring Employee to Another Branch

Employees are transferred often within the company from one branch to another due to many reasons. Whenever the transfer takes place, the company writes a letter to the employee to let him know about his transfer. 

Employees are transferred from one location to another location based on the internal changes in the company. Some companies also transfer employees upon the request of the employee. 

What is a letter transferring an employee to another branch?

It is a letter that conveys information to an employee on behalf of the company that he is required to work at a workplace located at a different point. This letter also acts as a notification from the company to the employee and the employee is always required to show compliance with the order issued by the company. 

Why is it important to write a letter of transfer?

This letter typically informs the employee that he will no longer be working at his current workplace and will have to move to the other workplace which is at the other branch of the company. Writing this letter informs the employee effectively as the information shared in the written form is easier to comprehend. 

Moreover, the use of the transfer letter also ensures that all the parties involved in the letter have been informed and this way, everyone is on the same page, and therefore, no one can say that they have not been informed. 

When to write the letter transferring the employee?

Anyone who has been given the task to inform the employee about the relocation should write this letter to the employee a significant time before the actual relocation. This allows the employee to make arrangements and be prepared for the new office. Many changes are required to be made to ensure that everyone in the company smoothly goes through this change and no process gets disturbed due to the office relocation of a person in the company. 

What information should be provided in the transfer letter?

This letter should provide sufficient details that are helpful for an employee to understand the process of transfer. Here are the main elements of this letter:

Employee’s information:

This letter should include the information of the employee such as his name, job title, department, and location of the current office. This information is proof that the letter belongs to the employee whose information has been mentioned in the letter.

Details of the new branch office:

The address and other details of the branch are given in the letter so that the employee doesn’t have any problem when he moves to the new branch. The name of the head of the branch who will welcome the employee to the company should also be specified in the letter.

Reason for the transfer:

It is important to let the employee know about the reason behind the decision to make him work in the other branch. The employee always wants to know why this decision has been taken as sometimes it is uncomfortable for him to work at a new workplace because it can also cause him to incur more fuel costs and a few more issues such as adjustment problems at the workplace etc. 

Description of benefits:

Considering the problems employee faces at the new work due to the relocation, the company often gives different benefits to the employee such as free accommodation, increment in salary, reimbursement of fuel expenses, and much more. Here, the employer also tells that the employee will be compensated as per the policy of the company. 

Offer to assist:

Employers should understand that the employee might need some support for working smoothly at the new branch of the company. For this, the worker might seek assistance from someone. 

The employer should offer his assistants by providing the contact details of the manager and a time and date when the worker can meet the manager for further discussion. 

Before closing the letter, the employee should be encouraged and motivated by showing that the company expects a lot from him and is hopeful that the employee will never disappoint his boss.

Sample Letter


(Name of recipient)
Dear (name of recipient),

I (tell your name) from (state department name) am writing to let you know about the transfer of (name of employee) to (tell which branch employee is being transferred to). He/she was hired as (designation) and due to his/her hard work, he/she has risen to this post. His/her last working day in this office will be (till date).

Yours sincerely,

(Name of sender)

Letter Transferring Employee to Another Branch