Letter to Express Concern about a Team Member

In the professional world, we write a letter of concern whenever we are concerned about someone’s behavior or performance. At the workplace, if there is a change in behavior or deterioration in performance, it will negatively impact everything including the environment of the workplace. Such behavior is tolerated to some extent. But, when it doesn’t seem to change, a letter of concern can be drafted. 

What is a letter written to express concern about a team member?

Working in a team means everyone has a specific and critical role to play. Therefore, every team member is important and if any of them fails to demonstrate good behavior, they can write a letter to express their concern.

Why is it important to write a letter to show disturbance because of a team member?

When one of the team members is not acting the way they are supposed to be acting, this draws concerns for everyone especially when that person has not behaved in that way before. When you write a letter to show that you are disturbed because of their attitude or performance, you let them know that they are being noticed. People usually become conscious of how they act when they come to know that their behavior is being noticed.

So, this letter is likely to make them change their behavior. In addition, through this letter, you can ask the team member what has been bothering them. This way, you will be able to know the underlying cause of their bad performance and you can help them to get rid of that problem and focus on their work. This will consequently make the entire team achieve its goals with more productivity. 

Who writes the letter of concern?

Usually, this letter is written by only those who have the authority to hold people accountable for their poor behavior. Usually, the employee feels that they are not answerable to their colleagues or any other irrelevant person. So, the head of the team, manager, or supervisor can express their concern by writing this letter. 

How to write a letter to show worry?

When you are going to write this letter, you should keep the goal of writing clear in your mind. There can be different goals. Some people write a letter of concern because they want the recipient to share their problem.

Another goal of this letter is to make the reader know that what they are doing is being monitored and their performance is under surveillance. Regardless of what your goal is, you can always write this letter following the tips given below:

Give the purpose of writing in the beginning:

It is important to make it clear to the reader why you have decided to communicate with them because some people read the entire letter and remain clueless as to what they have been asked. So, let them know that you are worried or disturbed because of their attitude. 

Address the issue:

Let the reader know that their behavior is not meeting the standards of the workplace and this is not something an organization can tolerate. If you have any record or you are the witness of any issue that was due to the employee, bring it up in the letter and show what has led you to the concern. This will make the team member feel conscious because sometimes people themselves don’t know that they have any issues. So, it allows a person to have self-awareness. 

Give guidelines to improve the performance:

Since you are a senior person who is addressing the concern, you can give some guidelines or tips to the employee that can help him improve his performance and go back on the right track. 

Offer your assistance:

If you think that giving some tips is not enough and the team member needs more help, you can offer your help by asking them to meet you in person and discuss the matter that has led to the concern. 

Everyone needs to behave well to make a team succeed. So, you can put efforts to help people improve themselves and contribute to the development of the team. 

Sample Letter



(Name of employee)
(Name of Company)
Dear (Name of the receiver),

I have been informed that the company is facing issues with your behavior. I have gotten complaints from different people concerning your conduct. You need to meet the demands of your position. It is important that you understand that any misconduct will not be tolerated. I hope you will work on your behavior. You can contact me if you have any questions.

(Name of sender)

Letter to Express Concern about a Team Member