Warning Letter for Violent Actions

Offices and schools are public areas where one must exhibit formal behavior. Every organization has a set of internal values that employees are expected to learn and exhibit. One of the most critical values is tolerance of others. Similarly, schools are learning places where students are expected to groom themselves and learn to positively interact with other students.

In both schools and offices, the violence of any form is prohibited. It is a strictly punishable offense. There is a long list of actions that are considered violent. These actions include:

  • Threatening
  • Intimidation
  • Mistreatment of others
  • Destruction of property
  • Physically abusing another person or group

Basically, any intentional use of force or power to threaten or harm another person is considered a violent act. Violence is a public offense punishable by law. Therefore, it must be avoided at all costs. Here you can find sample letters to use as warning letters for violent actions in office and school.

1- Warning letter for violent actions in office


To: [employee name]


Subject: Warning for violent action in office

We have received a complaint about your behavior. On Friday [enter date], you entered a heated argument with a colleague and threw a chair at him. Your behavior was observed by several employees at the office including the HR Assistant. This is a serious offense.

Please be warned that any such behavior is not tolerated at our organization. Acts of violence are strictly punishable. You are hereby warned to avoid any such behavior in the future, or it would lead to your termination.


HR Department

Warning letter for violent actions in office

2- Warning letter for violent actions in school


To: [parent name]

Subject: Warning letter for violent action in school

We have received a complaint about your child’s behavior. Your son [NAME] studying in grade 6 was witnessed by several classmates indulging in violent behavior. On Tuesday morning, he broke into a fight with a fellow student and punched him twice. Thankfully the child did not suffer many injuries except a bruise. His parents have also filed a complaint against your son’s behavior.

Please be warned that any subsequent violent act shall result in the suspension of your child.



Warning letter for violent actions in school