Warning Letter for Failure to Perform Duties

The warning letter is issued by the employer to his employee after discussing the problem with him. It should be ensured by the employer that he is writing the warning letter after issuing a verbal warning.

It is important to write the warning letter in a professional manner. The employee should know the reason for receiving the warning letter.  Although a warning letter is considered a cruel or disrespectful act of the employer, it can also improve the employee if he takes it as a motivation.

Every employee is assigned different duties which he has to perform well. If the employee fails to perform his duties due to any reason, the employer should meet the employee in person and ask him about the reason. The verbal warning can be issued if necessary.

If the employee continues to behave unprofessionally, the warning letter for not performing the duties well is issued. It should be noticed that not performing duties or poor performance are two different things.

How to write the warning letter?

The employee should be told at the start of the warning letter that it is being issued because he is not performing his duties. You should mention all those discussions that you already had with the employee on this matter. The tone of the letter should be firm yet polite.

The purpose of writing the warning letter is not to attack the employee with words. You can simply tell the employee about the problem of not performing duties and warn him in the letter.

The letter is not required to be written in detail. You should tell the employee about his negligence towards the job in a very straight way. For example, if the employee is not performing his duties, you should tell the employee clearly that not performing the duties is never acceptable by your company.

It is not necessary to tell the employee that how his negligence is affecting the company. The possible consequences the employee may face due to not performing the duties should be explained in the warning letter. End the letter by telling the employee that you will be monitoring his performance from now on.

Sample Letters


Warning Letter for Failure to Perform DutiesI called you last Monday in my office & talked to you about your consistent poor performance. You made a pledge for not keeping up with the pitiable routine. Your supervisor also spoke to you many times about your nonstop mistakes in accomplishing the assigned work adequately.

I am sorry to tell you that you have failed badly in keeping your promise. You are not working up to the criteria. Constant failures of proving your worth are not easy to neglect over & over again. You need employee training & afterward, we can think about working with you or otherwise accordingly. But still in the future, if you fail to follow the basics then it may possibly result in instant dismissal from the Company.



Warning Letter for Failure to Perform DutiesYou were assigned a task the last week & it was absolutely mentioned that you were supposed to submit it by this Monday. Almost all the employees were given the tasks on that day & their submissions were timely as well. But you didn’t show up on the submission day nor did you speak to me personally for the reason behind late submission. Today you made a three days late submission without uttering a word about it.

In the terms of professionalism, it is called sheer negligence come failure for not being able to accomplish the project on given time. The company is not in favor of withstanding such misconduct as you have been doing this practice for quite some time. You are strictly advised to provide the company with an explanation letter & give the reason for late submission within a period of 24 hours & also attach a copy of this warning letter to it.

Nonfulfillment of the command will end in severe upshots. I hope that you will avoid such carelessness in future.