Warning Letter for Cell Phone Use at Work

Most organizations don’t allow their employees to use cell phones in the office. It has been observed that the use of mobile during working hours significantly decreases the productivity of the employees and hence it becomes impossible for the organization to be successful.

Every organization has its own rules and regulations that are required to be followed by everyone working in that organization. Many organizations restrict their employees from using cell phones in the office.

Such companies also provide a special place for the proper storage of mobile phones so that the employees can get them when office time is over.

The language to be used in the warning letter should not be harsh. The tone and wording of the letter should be simple and easy to understand. The main purpose of writing the warning letter to the employee is to inform the employee that he will not continue using a mobile phone during work, this act will not be taken lightly and the organization will have to take strict actions against him.

You can ask the employee to treat this letter as a warning letter. The letter should end with the request to an employee for good behavior.



We are writing to address an issue regarding your excessive use of cell phones at work. Let us remind you that it is strongly discouraged to use your cell phone during your duty at the manufacturing plant.

The management allows employees to carry their cell phones for emergency use only. It is against our policies to make personal calls and text messages during work hours at the plant. You are, therefore, advised to be more responsible in the future. If you ignore this warning and continue to use your phone during working hours, you may face disciplinary action.

I thank you for your cooperation.


We would like to remind you of the company’s policy regarding cellphone usage in restricted office areas. You have been using your cell phone in areas where its usage is prohibited, such as the production floor or sensitive client areas.

Please be reminded that the restriction on cellphone usage in these areas is in place for safety and security reasons.  We, therefore, advise you to adhere to the company policy and refrain from using your cell phone in the mentioned areas. If you need to communicate urgently, please step out to a designated area where cellphone usage is permitted.

Consider this a gentle warning. Future negligence may result in stricter action by the company.

Thank you for your cooperation.


We would like to address a concern that has been noted during recent meetings regarding your cellphone usage. It has been observed that you have been frequently checking your cell phone during meetings. It is not only impolite but also shifts your focus away from the purpose of the meetings.

These meetings are carried out to discuss important work-related points. However, distractions such as cell phone use disrupt the focus. You miss important discussions and fail to participate due to the lack of attention.

Therefore, you must refrain from using your cell phone during meetings unless it is directly related to the agenda or an urgent matter that requires your attention. Your active participation and undivided attention during meetings are for successful team discussions. Future negligence will compel the management to take disciplinary action.

We expect your cooperation in this matter.


[Subject: Subject of Letter]

Dear [Name Here],

It has been noticed that there has been frequent use of cell phones by our employees during working hours. It has also been seen that some employees were taking personal calls while dealing with the customers.

Here I would like to remind you that the use of cell phones during working hours is strictly prohibited. Moreover, some of the company policies may also ask you to keep your phone in silent mode. Employees can attend the call in extreme emergencies.

I hope this reminder will be enough for you to discontinue the frequent use of cell phones while working. Thank you for all your cooperation in this matter.

[Senders Name]
[Senders Title]

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Warning letter for cell phone use at work

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