Discipline Violation Warning Letter to Students

A discipline violation warning letter is a warning to an individual who does not follow the rules of the organization. It is for the people who don’t take the rules of a working organization seriously. When individuals violate the rule, providing a written warning letter is necessary.

The sample warning letters for discipline violations are present on our website in readymade format.


A warning letter is being issued in your son’s name for violation of discipline at the school premises. According to several eyewitnesses, he got into a fight with his classmate Mr. Ryan Jones, and beat him for approximately ten minutes.

Your son did not let anyone intervene or save the boy and instead threatened to beat anyone who tried to come close. As a result, Mr. Jones was left gravely injured and with a dislocated shoulder bone. He was rushed to the Emergency room immediately as he was bleeding profusely. 

Mr. Markson, this is not the first time your son has been involved in violent activities. He has been issued a warning letter previously as well for misbehaving with one of his teachers.

I would like to bring to your notice that our school management does not tolerate any violent behavior against any students, faculty, or staff. Your son is being issued a final warning. If he continues to act this way, we will issue an immediate suspension letter in his name and his name will be struck off college rolls without a possibility of readmission at any stage.

We suggest that you have a talk with your son or take him to a therapist. He has been performing well in his exams, but his attitude is completely unacceptable. We suspect he might have some underlying psychological issues and probably could use some professional help.


Ms Anna Ryan

School Head Mistress

Violation of discipline warning letter

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It has come to our notice that you have been involved in a violation of discipline at school. We have been informed through several sources that you have been involved in the use of illegal substances during school hours and have also been found selling them to other students.

We wish to inform you that the use of illegal drug substances is strictly forbidden inside school premises, and you have been informed of strict action that will be taken against any student who is found guilty of it.

In addition, you have misbehaved with your chemistry teacher Mr. Henry, and your biology teacher Mr. Johnathan which is also a direct violation of school rules and regulations.

It is clearly stated on your school prospectus that violation of any kind of campus rules or regulations will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from college rolls. Considering your recent activities, you have been issued a warning letter and suspension from school for five working days. Your parents will have to come to meet us and discuss this matter in detail with the school administration.

The principal would like to have a meeting with your parents tomorrow at 10:00 am sharp. Consider this as your first and final warning. You will not be given another chance after this. We hope that you will make amends and correct your behavior. We hope to see you and your parents tomorrow for the meeting.


School management.